Thunderbolt: Gray is Great

Bart Robson reports:

''As the gaming industry matures, so do the games we play. Recently, we've had an upturn of games that are... less than happy. In fact, some of them are downright maudlin. Most of these games have used a muted color palette, relying on subtle shades of color rather than a full-blown rainbow. Being the ever-perceptive and ever-accepting community that we are, it's become the in thing to bash any game that doesn't look like it came out of Willy Wonka's magical gumdrop machine. The thing is, games aren't losing their color; we're at a stage where developers are trying something different. Unlike the movie industry, video games don't have a century under their belt, so when a trend emerges it's a lot more obvious.''

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InMyOpinion3804d ago (Edited 3804d ago )

I wish all games were this dark & gray. j/k

If the game is great I don't see the problem. As long as it's in line with the art direction and the story, which it seems to be. Although I don't know much about the story.

Helghast evil, taking over earth. You humanities last hope. Must save planet?

Greysturm3804d ago

The helghast are mutated humans colonists of the planet hellghast, the reasons for their mutations were the conditions of the planet. For some reason they have a rivalry with the planet vetka and separate from the earths control creating their own empire eventually attacking vetka and getting defeated by the isa, a few years later (just like the germans) after a social reestructuring a new leader takes controls and rebuilds the hellghan military machine assaulting vekta once again and almost obliterated the fleets coming to respond to the threat with the help of a traitor on the orbital defense system. Typical fps story ensues you save the planet.

So for killzone 2 you are invading hellghan to take down the charismatic leader and end the hellghast threat.

Diugu3802d ago

There is a lot more to what you said, Jenzo. It's not award winning material (the story) but it still is pretty cool and it adds to the gameplay.

Hope this game focus a little more in the story when compared to other FPS.

Max Power3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

correction, planet 'Helghan'

Michael Jackson3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

Heeey, nothing's wrong with being gray. As long as you don't ask, don't tell.


Time_Is_On_My_Side3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

Finally someone with some sense in basic terms the more realistic the game the more dull the colours look. I honestly do think the grey thing came because Killzone 2 was a Sony exclusive while Gears of War never had the same comment. Then you have games like Mirror's Edge which is realistic but at the same time buildings aren't kept so clean. Especially the subways when I was looking at the trailer it's like everyone's first time stepping on planet earth, lol.

We live in 4D (Four Dimensions) / questionable 5th Dimension (Déjà vu) and video games are only in 3D (Three Dimensions). So adding destructable environments can be difficult so Mirror's Edge looks to clean, lol.

Max Power3802d ago

to look clean because it is an utopian society, that is governed very strictly, and you pretty much play as an 'outlaw' runner that doesn't conform to 'their' way.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3802d ago

Well you learn something new everyday, I haven't been keeping myself informed about that game.

cyclindk3802d ago

What I can't grasp is how the color pallet ever became an issue when no on ever mentions that it is somehow hindering the game in any way, i.e., more difficult to play or something; since when did people become so concerned with the color of games? Just for kicks, the devs should include an entirely alternate color pallet for the game available as a bonus on your second play through...lots of pinks, neon oranges and rainbows...yeah, that's what this game needs.

rockleex3802d ago

I think COD4 and Uncharted already has that option. I'm 100% sure Uncharted does.

But I can't understand why all these "next gen" games don't offer these options as unlockables.

Sharpshell3802d ago

When too many games were all greys and browns in an attempt to acheive realism, then they went the otehr direction and now too man games are too colorful. Someday people will learn to forget the current trend an do what they think is best. Thats what I like about Guerilla Games and one of the only reasons I'm at all interested in this game when I didn't play the others... because they continue to explore their own direction...

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