Leaked Intel slides show 8-core CPUs, AVX

Intel's upcoming processor generations will double the number of cores per chip and add a brand new language for specialized code, according to leaked slides obtained by CanardPlus. Although the semiconductor company's Core i7 will just receive a manufacturing process shrink down from 45 nanometers to 32 during 2009, reducing its power use and allowing more complex parts, a replacement architecture codenamed Sandy Bridge will replace it by 2010 and double the number of cores per die to eight. Hyperthreading support will let it handle as many as 16 code threads at once, while a large 16MB pool of Level 3 cache will be shared to make best use of the cores.

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bob12345673742d ago

If nVidia and Intel enter each others markets (Nvidia -> CPU : Intel ->GPU)

I being a fan of both companies will most likely goto Nvidia for all my computing needs... Ever since the 8800 series came out nvidia just seemed to be incredibly good. And Its just after buying my 8800GT and what I see it doing in Crysis just blows me away. And now that every one of these 8800 and up cards run CUDA these cards are really showing there true colors. Especially after ive seen badaboom and PhysX running on this baby.

I still love intel products.. to me they are definitly better then AMD. My quadcore is a beast, the only downside is the high temps. even on stock FSB and Multipliers it still pretty hot so i had to buy a new cooler. But if it comes down between each of them supporting there own set of markets. Nvidia only running CPU and GPU put together and intel doing the same. Nvidia gots ma cash any day.

FantasyStar3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

No matter how good the CPU or GPU, if the price isn't right, no one will buy it. AMD/ATI have demonstrated w Phenom & the HD3000 series that they can provide a bang for the buck. So far to the point to drop the 8800GT from $250 (MSRP) all the way down to $120, and it's not even within its yearly cycle. AMD/ATI may lack behind in terms of overall performance, but AMD/ATI knows what the consumer want. And because of that, it's keeping AMD/ATI in the race.

My personal preference is that AMD/ATI have got to work on their temp control w/ their 3870 gets as got as 90'C WOW!

El_Colombiano3742d ago


I could NOT agree with you more! I LOVE nVidia. I loved the fact my 8800GT can uses Physx and Badaboom is awesome. I meant it when I said I couldn't agree with you more! You basically wrote my comment for me. Bubbles my friend. nVidia all the way. I really hope they do make processors.

NextGen Exempt3742d ago

They'd stop trying to milk the hell out of the consumer. I built this PC last summer and nVidia has already gone through 2 different GPU lines since then. Its so annoying having to keep up with the GPU market, its really a huge turnoff when it comes to PC gaming.

PoSTedUP3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

ummm yea?? the cell has 8 cores too dummy.

i bet you are n00bzRtehgey, you openly admitted to liking men and little boys.

Thoas3742d ago

Don't waste your time on that Noob, anyone who plays console games knows the cell has 8 cores, that's why [email protected] works so well on the PS3.

PoSTedUP3742d ago

"that's why [email protected] works so well on the PS3."

not only that^. but thats why ps3 games has more action and enemys on screen wile holding their AI than and 360 games ya know, thats all due to the cell and is why ps3 games are technically better. 360 cant handel all that goes on in resistance ya know due to the lack of power. AND ps3 games aren't even showing off all the power of the ps3 yet so you can imagine how great the games will get down the line lol its f*cking great!

SkyGamer3742d ago

The cell is only single core, well the one that's in the ps3. Look it up. I think ibm now uses dual-core cell in their super-computer. The cell is ONE powerpc chip with 7or8 SPE. They are not true cores, just really extensions of the single-core powerpc chips making that chip go faster. Kind of like this, imagine a car with one engine and a turbo charger compared to a car with 2 engines. In this case it would be 8 physical engines emulating 16 engines.

PoSTedUP3742d ago

yea i know, its pretty much 8 cores. look it up.

N00BZSUCKASS3742d ago

morons. SPEs are not cores.

El_Colombiano3742d ago

LMAO like you would know. Isn't it passed you bed time little boy?

DJ3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

"SPEs aren't 'really' cores." And it all dates back to this press release they posted during E3 2005. Sony had just slaughtered them in terms of hardware power and capabilities, so they went on the offensive and spread a bunch of BS.

If SPEs aren't really CPU cores, then why are they able to run any type of code thrown at them so well? Why do they outclass traditional x86 and PowerPC-based cores in nearly every benchmark? Intel is just barely starting to catch up to Cell three years after its release, and you can be sure Sony, Toshiba, and IBM aren't resting on their laurels. The next generation of Cell processors are going to raise the bar even higher.

tgh machines3742d ago

i'm pretty sure its 7 not 8

Xbox is the BEST3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

The Cell can run any type on code thrown at it well? What happened to 3rd party games? Don't give me any bull about exclusives, if Any PS#3 exclusives were on the 360 they would look better.

Pain3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

Sony leads the way, the rest follow.

spin away.

pwnsause3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

LOL at Xbox is the best showing a game that got ported to the PS3, lmao, what a nub.

and by the way the cell has 8 spu's, 1 is turned off for "redundancy"

Xbox is the BEST3741d ago

Mr. DJ said that the Cell can run any type of code well? Doesn't change the fact that games will always look better on the Box. The Cell is just like the Emotion Engine, all hype. You fell for it.

pwnsause3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

sorry but my Nuaghty Dog, Insomniac, Kojima Productions, Cyber Connect 2, Criterion, Namco Bandai, IBM, Toshiba, My Professor and a few other devs, Hardware Companies, and teachers make you statement invalid, its ok, go be emo for a while. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

BTW go play GOW2,MGS3, those games were powered by the emotion engine LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLOOLOL

Keep Trying.

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funkeystu3742d ago

gee, I really didn't see the 8-core thing coming :P

ThanatosDMC3742d ago

Where's the cell based chips? I wonder if they can get those to work properly.... that'd be awesome

highps33741d ago

The vast majority of programs dont even utilize quad let alone this many cores.

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