Big Download Review: Space Siege

Given the name similarity to Dungeon Siege, the fantasy role-playing game created and also developed by Gas Powered Games, one would reasonably led to believe that Space Siege is a sci-fi action RPG set in space. Those people would be wrong. Space Siege is actually a survival horror game that's more closely related to isometric shooters like Shadowgrounds than action RPG's like Diablo. There's nothing fundamentally wrong with the approach, but those looking for the depth of Dungeon Siege in a sci-fi setting need to seriously adjust their expectations. There are some minor RPG-like elements to the game, like modifying some of the character's stats and a skill tree, but not much else beyond them. There are no side quests, there's minimal NPC interaction, and no loot/inventory system outside of the weapons selection. Simply put, the game is a straight-up shooter than happens to look a lot like an RPG.

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