Monster Madness: Grave Danger hit stores 5 September

Monster Madness: Grave Danger will be released on the 5th September for PlayStation 3.

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TheHater3715d ago

for a second there, I thought it said Monster Hunter :(

nice_cuppa3715d ago

this game sucks !
Get an emulated version of zombies ate my neighbours its much better !

Baba19063714d ago

hated the demo. amazingly rubish. maybe a gogo for children. but wow was that not fun.

thereapersson3714d ago

I looked at the screenshots and thought "Hey, this might be fun". Looks like i'll be passing on this game after all...

Baba19063714d ago

deffintly try the demo first. its just so oldshool in a bad way. maybe its fun if you play it with freinds but for a solo game i would really not buy it.