The Joker Videogame: A Killing Joke®

Welcome to the world that The Joker has always envisioned, an institution where anarchy and chaos thrives, as the optimistic identity of mankind falters in such an insidious environment, insanity is the only exit to escape the premises of random injustice that society has inflicted.

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kamakazi3741d ago

hey im wearing that shirt right now :)

ThichQuangDuck3740d ago

But back on topic this is just some guys vision of the game but sounds cool

Rhezin3741d ago

I bet you get alotta chicks.

kamakazi3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

nah i have my girl, but i bet you get alot of guys im sure. now, imma need you to go ahead and [email protected] off with your tail between your legs.

yesah3741d ago

that was uncalled for, wtf is wrong with you?

LeonSKennedy4Life3741d ago


Chicks love that movie!

Odiah3741d ago

It's funny how every poster on N4G seems to break the common videogame nerd stereotype by having a girl ;)

Am I the only person on here who can admit he is single?

@Kamikaze, I am not saying that you don't have a chick. But surely not everybody here does.

David Hasselhoff3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

Don't feel bad Odiah, you're not alone.

Dino3741d ago

I can guarantee that rhezin is a ladies man. Like seriously a lady-man. I've had many girlfriends and am single now. The best part of being single is there is no one nagging you to stop playing. anyway cool idea for a game.

cr33ping_death3740d ago

i think i would prefer [email protected] over video games any time of the week.

Kami3740d ago

im single too.
Im not happy about it but there is no shame about it either.
i just cant find the right one.

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Silogon3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

How the [email protected] did this get approved!!!!!?? How? This isn't news. This isn't even creative. It's some dong bangers idea for a game he wants someone else to create ahahhahahahahahahahahaha!!

What a joke. Then he "cleverly" copyrites his title ahahahahhaha using the not so clever number method of doing so (ALT 0174). This guy is an idiot and this should be pulled.

Silogon the videogame: Gamers are homo®

Yipee Bog3741d ago

the hoff doesn't have a girlfriend?

RAM MAGNUMS3741d ago

that pic of the joker & more on
free themes!

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