New real-time screens of Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Here are a few new real-time screens for Square Enix's upcoming PS3 exclusive, Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

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allforcalisto3769d ago

at first when i saw the screen i was like huh?, then i altered his character design

i think he has a longer face now

the graphics look pretty awesome

Morgan Douglas Jones3769d ago

These are not even screen shots rofl. They're cropped from these high quality scans. << They look better at the link by the way.

deathray3768d ago

amazing. game over. PS3 FTW!!!

Euphrate3768d ago

These are clearly in-game. Because it's not good enough to be CGI.

ash_divine3768d ago

yea, the graphics really do resemble MGS4.

Giant_Enemy_Sackboy3768d ago

umm the little difference is that mgs4 was a complete game and versus is at least 2 years from now (everywhere since is a world wide release

ash_divine3768d ago

well, all the better for Versus. Right?

funny profile name and pic by the way.

AAACE53768d ago

Call me crazy but Versus XIII seems to lean more toward being an action game, and not an RPG! It seems like it will be more like Devil may cry! What do you think?

ash_divine3768d ago

fine by me. i love action games.(especially action RPGs). infact I nearly fainted when square confirmed it would have a better verion of the Kindom Hearts combat system.(which was already great to me).

mfwahwah3768d ago

It's called an Action RPG, they're not new.

rexor07173768d ago

I hope that we can see some gameplay soon. I want to know what this game is about.

bpac1234567893768d ago

They look good, not as good as Mgs4 charachter models, but almost. Either way i cant wait for this game to come out, i hope it will come out in 2009, but probably not.

iamtehpwn3768d ago

Versus XIII is HOLY BALLZ graphical awesomeness.
The Hair shaders are very impressive, The Prince looks really cool in his Suit.

And you know, The Graphics so far meet/exceed with Final Fantasy 8's and possibly 10's CG scenes (haven't seen enough yet), which are still impressive when viewed do

PS3 fans should rejoice.

Foliage3768d ago

This game looks incredible. I love the Final Fantasy meets real world feeling they are shooting for. Not to mention the dark edge, and the mention of Shinigami. This game keeps sounding better and better. The series needed a serious change, and I think Versus is finally going to make a significant one. Like the battle system.

sumfood4u3768d ago

I'm more amped up than any Mountain Dew can!

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socomnick3768d ago

Don't get too excited the tittle says real time screens not ingame screens. Im assuming these are just bull shots that use in game assets to get the screens. Kinda like those bull shots of resistance 2 we seen months ago and look at the game now it looks like a ps2 game. Im cautiously optimistic I dont want to get hyped for this game since it wont come out for another 2 years.

3768d ago
3768d ago
socomnick3768d ago

What im a fanboy because I see that these are bull shots. Every game company does it. They use in game assets and claim them to be real time to hype up the game. Just look at the resistance 2 first screenshots or the gears 2 rock monster screenshots. Those are both bull shots as these are.

psiom3768d ago

You're a fanboy for saying R2 looks like a PS2 game. And what are you even referring to? The Chicago scene with aliens in the sky? (that they proved was in fact in-game?)

Your whole comment is just such tired and worn out dissenting drivel.

Don't be a hater just cause you don't have better things to do.

TheHater3768d ago

First Resistance 2 screen shot

In-Game gameplay video

That speak for itself

socomnick3768d ago

This here is in fact in game.

see how much different it is from in game cut scenes.

TheHater3768d ago

skip to 4:02 and watch from there. tell me if that don't look a lot better than that picture you posted up.

silverchode3768d ago

dont try to argue with a hardcore halo fan, he will never admit resistance is better than halo.

DaTruth3768d ago

Can someone please tell me why I can't watch gametrailers anymore. It told me to upgrade my player, I did it, and I haven't been able to see them since.

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THC CELL3769d ago

lol i like the fact its a ps3 exclusive

xbots are getting only half the experience lol

its ok tho
they do have a exclusive ff online
Wait again its on pc Like the rest of the xbox games lol

Drealmcc0y3768d ago

Versus will be on the 360 you idiot
Why wouldnt they do it?
Give me some reasons.
"Bu bu bu the power of the cellz, fully utalizing it!"
Thats what you said about FFXIII... O but wait, its going to the 360 now, and SE said they would make it look just as good as the PS3 version

THC CELL3768d ago

Here are a few new real-time screens for Square Enix's upcoming PS3 exclusive, Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

bu bu bu that

Morgan Douglas Jones3768d ago

@ the moronic troll.

If Versus was going to be on 360 they would have confirmed this at their party earlier this month. Did they? No. Instead, they confirmed it's staying on PS3 while XIII will remain multi-platform but will release first for PS3 in Japan. "PS3 EXCLUSIVE WORLDWIDE". Not "PS3 EXCLUSIVE IN JAPAN".

Why don't you just throw yourself off a bridge with cinder blocks tied to your feet for being such a failure at life?

Overr8ed3768d ago

This pwns anything on the 360. infinite UnDiscovery looks like a damn ps2 game

UNCyrus3768d ago

@ THC Cell

Half the Experience??? Aren't you forgetting about Agito?? They are only getting 1/3 of the FF13 releases

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THC CELL3769d ago

they look sweet

**wipes foam off mouth then keyboard**

achira3769d ago

wow, looks awesome. cant wait for this game. charackters loook reallly really good. i hope its really ingame.