Final Fantasy XIII demo to last over two hours

According to the upcoming DKS3713 issue of Famitsu magazine, the PlayStation 3 exclusive Final Fantasy XIII demo will clock in at a longer running time than the CGI film, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete.

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I_killed_TheMart3719d ago

i wonder why, because i bet the full game is going to clock in at a total of f*cken 500 hrs

PoSTedUP3719d ago

buy yea i bet just the demo will move consoles XD

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3719d ago

@Posted Up

Your right.Remember that GT5:Prologue broke sales record in Europe and it was just a demo.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

Final Fantasy XIII xBox 360 demo to last ZERO hours!!! ;-D

@I_killed_TheMart ;) Did you really Kill Him???
If so you WIN! a 'PS3 "PLATINUM" Trophy!!!' ;-D

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3719d ago

Did you know 'pp' is 'pog'???
He changes his name and goes on every PS3 News bit and tries to wind-up everyone???
It's soooooo obvious it's very funny!!! ;-D
I just press 'Ignore' on the lot of them!!! ;-D
Try it Sir_Ken!!!;)

AngryXbot3719d ago

Its still hardly "moved the ball back to the PS3".

Sorry but a demo is not the same as losing an exclusive game.

SE is officially TRASH. Thats all. Not only is the 360 getting more exclusive RPGs from them, but PS3 is left sky dry.

Blu Ray is incorporated precisely for games like RPGs where it can shine like never before. And SE dropped the ball completely.

They suck.

IzKyD13313718d ago

lol, go to page 2, the bots have literally infected this article

Pain3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

if u can play it that is... unless u lose one of the 20 dvd's it comes on.

morganfell3717d ago

And the fact just the demo is two hours should be a sign of how big the game will be and of how many disks the 360 version will be.

Also 360 owners should brace themselves. When SE find out how many disks it is going to take, the custom PS3 that will already be suffering from porting to the 360 will have to get cut. The first thing to go will be sound - that is getting compressed - then go the textures, they get compressed and lower res versions, then comes the cutting of small features.

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sonarus3719d ago

longer than 101 mins doesn't mean 2hrs. That makes it a rumor at best but still good news anyway

Morgan Douglas Jones3719d ago

ok now i'm REALLY importing Advent Children Complete.

Jpinter3719d ago

The original Advent Children is 101mins. However with the extended scenes and all new sequences all together, it probably puts it around 120mins at least. Which is two hours.

Coheno3719d ago

Anybody who knows a site from where one could buy the Advent Children Complete once it's out?!!

Mao3718d ago

If the NA release date looks to be taking too long. Might just take it right off of Square's own Japanese store. That or Play-Asia, one of the two.

Coheno3717d ago

Thank you Homicide, bubbles to you!!!

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xhi43719d ago


I was thinking.....when FFXII is being released, Sony would HAVE to buy the marketing rights for FFXII, and Microsoft has a ton of money...

I mean they wouldn't have to, but it would help the console a hell of a lot.

I dunno random thought =D

Surfman3718d ago

ok first its XIII, and not XII.

edilions3719d ago

Just when will we be able to get our sweaty hands on this
(Hoping it doesn t sell for too high ) lol