Wii Joins Portable Market with 7-Inch Screen

Fancy waggling in the car, on an aeroplane or playing Wii Sports on the beach. Now you can with a swanky 7-inch screen.

The screen comes equipped with the Wii in mind. No wires, no mess. With a built in sensor bar and shaped to slot into the rear-end of the machine, the device snugly wraps its 16:9 LCD Screen around the Wii's already teeny body.

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Louievillesluggns3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

The screens have been out for a long time know I've had mine since March 2008 and they came like more the a year ago the screens are for use at like cafe shops and stuf some of them are over priced I got the intec one the wii slides in it I like it it was about 80 buck good price on amazon but yeah if your thing about getting one look around first but its a good buy if you dont have good internet and you go to a lot of wifi hotspot its cool so do ya thang holla

Fowack3717d ago

didn't the gamecube have something like this? i think i remember using it on the way to quebec with a friend of mine. they suck because it's so damn small.

Silellak3716d ago

Most consoles eventually get these portable screens.

Apparently they sell enough to be worth making, but I've never known anyone who got one.

sumfood4u3716d ago

Bring out the Memory Space! not some Air Freshener!

user94220773716d ago

Ye I've never really seen anyone with these portable screen, and I imagine how you will play standing up while looking at the screen.

jspc19893716d ago

this little screen is a step into the portable console business yet for pretty much every wii game (or was it the main screen i cant remember), a little warning comes up on screen telling you to have room to comfortably stretch your arms out point is - try doing that in a car lol, or in fact in any form of transport.

Im not entirely sure what the point is in these screens. I suppose theres a small market for them, but god knows, iv never brought one and as a matter of fact dont actually know of anyone who actually has.

On the upside it does go very well aesthetically :-).

shadow27973716d ago

Actually I got one of these for my PSOne back in the day and used it quite a bit. In fact, just recently I used it to play Metal Gear Solid on a family trip. But I think the PSOne is really the only console I would ever get one of these for.

Ironically, I think I've passed 2 or 3 cars and I've seen kids playing Wii in the backseat using those headrest monitors. And I know my cousins have done it.