Counting Down 5 Best Animal Crossing Games of All Time

Counting down the 5 best animal crossing games of all time proves to be difficult. In the scheme of our countdown we are honoring all animal crossing titles; including ones that are not considered to be part of the core series.

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DirtyPete1103d ago

All of them are some of the most unique games I have ever played. I haven't got into Happy Home Designer yet. I don't want Nintendo to take the series in a spinoff direction.

magiciandude1103d ago

I agree with the order of Animal Crossing games, except I can't say anything for Happy Home Designer. New Leaf is my favorite, and City Folk I just couldn't get into.

DirtyPete1103d ago

Spent many days on New Leaf, hit every event and them some but City Folk was over in a few weeks for me.

magiciandude1103d ago

Ditto for New 🍃, but City Folk was over in a half hour for me lol.

DragoonsScaleLegends1102d ago

New Leaf and the GameCube Animal Crossing were the only ones I got into. I might like the GameCube version the best because it had virtual NES games to collect.