[UPDATE] Force Unleashed demo hitting PSN in August

The demo will be available for PSN and XBL on August 21.

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ScottEFresh3719d ago

Day one purchase for myself.

Overr8ed3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

Why is their so much stuff coming on my Birthday. Can it be the day after when i get all my money and so then i can have some time to play.
This looks like a petty cool game.

f7897903719d ago

Too many games to buy. This one can be finished in a week.

360rxorz3719d ago

Nice, hopefully the PS3 doesn't drag the 360 version down too much.


PS3 is the LEAD platform for this game.
So its confirmed superior.

360rxorz3719d ago

Which is why the 360 version will be dragged down. Now the 360 version has to conform to the severe limitations of the PS3 and can't take full advantage of the 360.

HighDefinition3719d ago




Get a CLUE, young one.

MvmntInGrn3719d ago

Seriously people who make comments like this are under 18 and sad about the console they told their parent to buy them.

Kal11383719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

This is from a PR guy from LucasArts and you can also read what the project lead said at an article that's available on gamespot.

"At the Game Developer's Conference this year, Haden Blackman, the Project Lead for The Force Unleashed, said that The Force Unleashed was developed first on Xbox 360 because when it was started we didn't have any PS3 development hardware.

However, that ended up making things much more difficult overall, because, Haden explained, creating games for the PS3 is a bit harder, mainly because it's new and has a different architecture from PCs and the Xbox 360.

The team overcame the challenge and The Force Unleashed is the exact same game on both platforms.

Moving forward, though, the lesson Haden said he learned was that he needs to take the PS3 into consideration at the beginning, precisely because it's the more difficult platform, so the hard part is done early.

This was not a LucasArts-wide discussion. It was Haden talking personally about lessons he learned during development of The Force Unleashed.

It was also not a discussion about which platform is better or worse. We love both platforms, and think that The Force Unleashed is awesome on both.

Please do not read into this and draw us into the Xbox 360 vs. PlayStation 3 battle."

EDIT: and from the GameSpot article:
"Our next project will use the PS3 as the baseline, and then apply that to the Xbox 360,"

AIi_The_Brit3719d ago

jesus christ

when the 360 is lead the PS3 suffers

seriously your a fúcking moron the only better thing about 360 is a slightly better graphics chip

hardware wise PS3 owns 360 and you know it, both specs and reliablity

So with the PS3 been lead

your version is going to be just as good as ours, which is better than if it was done on 360

say thank you you ungratefull piece of shít

Kal11383719d ago

You can disagree with me all you want. I posted direct quotes (with links) from LucasArts people, including the project lead.

bosels113719d ago

360asseater, your an idiot!

Snukadaman3719d ago

Well looking at madden 09 and that washed out seems the ps3 lead development strikes back again...that washed out look is just terrible but madden is fun so I will have to bear with it unlike burnout paradise that I have not touched since.

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Why didnt they develop it on 360 then?
Be ready for the COMPRESSED version!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AIi_The_Brit3719d ago


Star Wars Force Unleashed
Mirrors Edge
Skate 2
Dead Space

All ps3 lead titles so will be so much better! and honestly i couldnt care less if 360 version is worse, GOOD! :P

The_Firestarter3719d ago

August 21st here I come. :)

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