Final Fantasy character Lightning being welcomed into the Louis Vuitton ‘family’

It wasn't only the inclusion of Jayden Smith, the 17-year-old son of actor Will Smith in Louis Vuitton’s new ad campaign that has garnered headlines recently, but the casting of a virtual character too. Lightning, the heroic, pink-haired figure in cult game Final Fantasy was given a high-fashion makeover for her first modelling assignment, entering the Louis Vuitton galaxy and blurring the boundaries between reality and make-believe.

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PhoenixUp1918d ago

Did this article just cal Final Fantasty a "cult" game? Lmao

Once FFXV releases, we'll soon start seeing Noctis become the new FF poster boy and he'll be marketed in so many ads just like this one.

ninsigma1918d ago

That was the only thing to cross my mind as well xD

contradictory1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

pffttt, CLEARLY it's gonna be Quina from FF9 on all those ads. I mean, have you SEEN that genderless blob of AWESOME!!??

that guy needs to have his or hers own game... nevermind the Crisis Cores and
X-2's i DEMAND the best spinoff never made called:
"Quina Cooking Simulator 2016"

alti1918d ago

She takes a good pic. That's about it. I guess that's all you need for LV.

contradictory1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

But does LV in this instance stand for Love Or level of violence?

LordStig1918d ago

The future of modelling right here.

Designers want real skinny models to show off their wears but society says no because it's an unhealthy view on beauty. But to designers lean and fit models who have meat on their bones are too fat, so what do you do?