Halo 3 surprise coming with Crackdown?

According to new rumours there might be a little Halo 3 surprise inside the box when you purchase Crackdown in februari. The rumour is coming from a source close to Microsoft but it hasn't been confirmed yet.

Same rumours say it might involve a new video. We will know on februari 23th, when Crackdown will be in stores for Xbox 360.

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silent ninja5249d ago

i see it as way of forcing people to buy crackdown

MoonDust5249d ago

Haw exactly are they forcing you to buy Crackdown?

jp 1175249d ago

you know that if this is true that it will be on the internet a day or so after crackdowns release so theres no need to buy it if you dont want it

MicroGamer5249d ago

will be hacked and posted online by the first person who buys Crackdown, so the incentive for more people to buy it will fade quickly. What they need to do is include a teaser gameplay demo that lasts about 5 minutes that is not so easily copied.

Schmitty075249d ago

It won't convince me buy Crackdown...the internet has a way of getting everything.

Nodoze5249d ago

If this was a multiplayer demo, then it would be worth it. A video is stupid and pointless.

I am getting a bit tired of these 'big' annoucements that turn out to be a silly video.

I for one am a bit worried for Halo 3. The singleplayer in halo 2 was a joke.

Yo Wassap5249d ago

they usually don't start like that, the internet is like one huge game of Chinese whispers.

Savior X5249d ago

I bought that game alone to just play the 20 min Metal Gear Solid 2 Demo!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.