23 new PS3 titles added to PlayStation Now today

By: Ben Thorpe
Hello and Happy New Year from everyone on the PlayStation Now team! We’ve got a fantastic update for all our PS Now subscribers in the UK – you can now get your hands on 23 newly-uploaded titles, bringing the total of playable games up to 150!

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Vitaguy751914d ago

Are we ever gonna see psnow in Europe territories such as france, Italy, Germany...
Why are we always getting the same shitty treatment from Sony. Especially considering we are their leading territory.

Junebug1914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )

I would hope so... Japan is going to get ni no kuni as a PS Now as far as I can tell.

Rob72741914d ago

Well if you all spoke English it would make things easier lol.

Just messing I hope they fix this soon as your right the countries you mentioned have been the most loyal to Sony over the last 5-10 years.
I'm sure there working on it.