PS3's Portrait Slideshow Face Detection

The PS3 apparently has a sophisticated facial recognition system that allows the slideshow to zoom in and out of faces, as well as pan across multiple faces in one shot. – Jason Chen

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T-Virus5244d ago

begin to tell you how jealouse I am...

InMyOpinion5244d ago

Too bad you can't use it for you can with the 360 camera.

BIadestarX5244d ago

"sophisticated facial recognition system"? [I think it's just clever programming that detects differences in contrast, brightness and focus in the image to make a determination as to what is the main point of focus]. Facial recognition it's not needed for something like this. This can be accomplished by simply finding the biggest skin-colorered spot on the picture and then following it; not the kind of facial recognition for face mapping.

darktangent5243d ago

This sounds like a pretty cool feature of the PS3.