The Last of Us is Not a Great Video Game

Morgan explains why he believes The Last of Us is not as great of a game as many would have you believe.

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MJunior2629d ago

From the same site that had an "The Legend of Zelda video" but don't want to show.

guywazeldatatt2629d ago

We didn't want to get sued. :)

TwoForce2629d ago

What are you try to do here ? Try use your "valid" opinion to piss people off ? I'm sorry, but that's not your opinion. I love The Last of Us because it's my opinion. But i do understand few of my friends don't like the game, but they do respect the game. And you don't. For example, i don't like horror game, but i do respect it for what is it. I'm huge shooters fan, but I respect other genres.

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guyman took the word out of my mouth..

"Zelda video" and no video? What a joke.

Not even "Review of.." or "Our thoughts on.."?

Trash tier journalism.

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You have lost all gaming credibility. TLOU is one of the greatest gaming experiences you could ever have. If its not the case for you then sorry, you are the minority.

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LegendZelda2629d ago

I thought the game sucked. Got through about 5 hours and quit. Was not enjoyable

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uth112628d ago

Same here, just wasn't finding it enjoyable. But kept going back to it because I kept hearing great things. I did finally finish it, it does get better after awhile.

But it's still overrated.

gangsta_red2628d ago

It was a good game, but I did find it extremely overrated. No where near the godly praise people on this site give it.

I mean one person on this site claimed he was crying in the opening scene...c'mon, ridiculous.

UnwanteDreamz2628d ago

You can see people do just that with a search on youtube. What's ridiculous is beating this dead horse. You are the minority here get over it.

gangsta_red2628d ago

Beating what dead horse? You say this then say I'm a you even know what that term means.

"You can see people do just that with a search on youtube."

Lol, sure you can. ;)

HammadTheBeast2628d ago

Well, I mean, different people have different tastes.

I found the story to be amazing, and the characters to have depth which most characters don't have in games.

As for the opening scene, I can understand if that person was a parent or something, they can connect better to the scene and it can emotionally affect them. While I didn't cry I did feel bad, just from how real Joel's reaction was.

rainslacker2628d ago

I teared up at the end of the prologue. It was rather sad and I'm not an unfeeling a**hole who doesn't get emotional about things.

ND took great care to make people connect with the two characters at the beginning, to make that scene be emotional, and some people would find great sorrow in seeing a child fact, I'd say the majority of people would feel that way about the death of a I'm afraid you are in the minority.

Pongwater2628d ago (Edited 2628d ago )

You seem to be the confused one. A single person or minority group can "beat a dead horse", and there are indeed videos of people crying at various points in the game, including the opening.

Implying TLoU praise is just an N4G thing… Whether you liked the game or not you know that's false, so it has to be assumed that you're trolling.

IamTylerDurden12628d ago (Edited 2628d ago )

I've actually SEEN ppl cry during the opening scene, the point was to evoke emotion. 240 goty awards will tell you that The Last of Us got "godly praise" virtually EVERYWHERE, not just N fo G. Unlike the Tomb Raider that you revere it actually had a mp, and it was terrific.

gangsta_red2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )


"A single person or minority group can "beat a dead horse","

It's obvious you have no idea what "beating a dead horse" actually means. How about you look it up, then come back to me and explain or better yet show where we or I beat this dead horse.

And I don't care how many youtube(one) videos there are of people crying, it's still ridiculous.

When did I say I was the majority?

A 5 minute opening playable scene where all that was established was a father and exactly was there time to get you emotionally connected, because they're related? You must have been a mess when you found out Darth Vader was Luke's father (spoilers).

"I'd say the majority of people would feel that way about the death of a child" real life. Not a bunch of 3D polygons set in a fictional zombie world. If you or others teared up within the first five minutes of a video game then I would really suggest some therapy from the real world.


Why is it that whenever someone has a different opinion some have to bring up awards, sales or anything else as if that means anything to that person who still didn't care for it.

Again, I said it was a GOOD game but I don't see it as the best game eva like most on this site claim it to be (example comments above this one.). I never discounted it's awards or sales.

How funny that you and others still have to take issue with my opinion i'm not licking the game's toes.

"Unlike the Tomb Raider that you revere it actually had a mp, and it was terrific."

I never even played the new TR or in fact any of the more recent ones. Where exactly did I say I revered TR?

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Ginn2628d ago

It took you 5 hours before coming to that conclusion? That's like eating half your meal before saying it tastes bad.

sonicwind5102628d ago

it was ok. u did better than me. i did 3 hours than said this game was lame and predictable but hey IMO.

IamTylerDurden12628d ago

Obviously not everyone will like every game, some ppl still love Too Human, opinions differ. The thing is, if you played TLoU and didn't like it bc you prefer the child-like atmosphere of Nintendo games or the run n gun gameplay of Cod, you still have to respect it as a grade A production.

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