Famitsu PS3 - Special DKS3713 Report: New Final Fantasy XIII Series Information

The upcoming issue of Famitsu Playstation 3 is all about DKS3713, and focuses on Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. There are thirty eight glorious pages of information and screens, the majority of which focus on Final Fantasy XIII, Versus XIII, and Agito XIII! The scans are not out yet, but keep checking in, we'll have them first! Check out the incoming information below, including the juicy info that the Final Fantasy XIII demo will be more then an hour long!

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King Me3811d ago

Can't wait to see Versus in Real Time,the Trailer just left me craving for moar!

Foliage3811d ago

I can't wait either.

This quote stood out the most for me:
"The people living in the world of Versus XIII worship a Shinigami"

After reading that I do have to say that the lead character does have some similarities with Light Yagami, which is bloody awesome.

It would be nice if summons were replaced with Shinigami.

NovusTerminus3811d ago

FFvXIII in real time. Can't wait.

Also, Agito XIII just became a must buy for me.

TheColbertinator3811d ago

Agito XIII will RULE!

Multiplayer Final Fantasy on PSP? Thank you Square

sunnygrg3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

I am just amazed by these new characters. They are all looking so adorable.

Rybnik3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

well, here it is: first new one from Versus (they appear to be coming from Gametrailers:

"Last edited by japanesey : 2 Minutes Ago at 01:17 AM.
According to nomura,this is real time"

Edit: after hearing Parish's comments from 1up, I'd say he is dead-on. This is indeed without doubt, the most natural looking real-time hair I've seen (excluding Heavy Rain--although really, this is more Impressive because it is long and actually looks like it flows). Most importantly, this is in an RPG!!!!

Marceles3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

lol...without a doubt that's the best hair in a video game if the third screenshot of the girl is in-game

(Note: This means the demo will likely not be region locked, so great for importers!)

-The Final Fantasy XIII Demo will be longer then Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete. The movie is over a hour and a half long, this demo must be huge!

-According to Toriyama, every new scene in the trailer is in real time.

All good news

Rybnik3811d ago

Oops, bad link on my part. Of course the pic is now in the story.

spandexxking3811d ago

"According to nomura,this is real time"
also according to him ff XIII is a ps3 exclusive. basically the man lies im taking this with a pinch of salt.

ash_divine3811d ago

Nomura never said XIII was exclusive, that was Kitase who lied.

SCThor3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

FF13 is somekind of spin-off of FF7 and in FF13versus the two worlds collide? I was wondering that because of this:

1.FF7 advent children gets new scenes and the demo of FF13 is included on the same disk..maybe the new scenes tie-in with FF13?

2.FF13versus remains exclusive to PS3....maybe because that game includes some FF7 characters?

Just wondering...

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VampHuntD3811d ago

Must Have This Game....

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The story is too old to be commented.