Bioshock delayed until june 2007

Irrational Games announced that the futuristic FPS-game Bioshock, which was originaly scheduled for march 2007, has been delayed about three months. The game is said not to appear in stores before june 2007.

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SimmoUK5449d ago

PS3 will have some big games out by then, plus I was looking forward to maybe getting this one for my 360. Oh well still got March...

T-Virus5449d ago

You're still going to have to buy it for the 360 mate!

Antan5449d ago

Pc version for me. Pity about the delay but summer is usually quiet so this could quite easily take up a few of those summer months!

Grown Folks Talk5449d ago

mass effect delay. we all know it's coming. graw 2 in march. hopefully bioshock, mass effect, and assasin's creed in june/july. damn the alan wake delay as well.

Balance5449d ago

although it sucks we have to wait 3 more months i would rather wait the 3 months and get a more polished less buggy game than have it pushed out the door as is because of some marketing date (you listening EA i am looking at you).

of coarse we will be playing halo3 beta in march so it might be good it was pushed back.

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The story is too old to be commented.