GameZone: Paws and Claws: Pet Vet Australian Adventure Review

GameZone writes: "Sometimes game companies get into a bit of responsible game development and make titles that have a certain educational value. The Pet Vet series is one such set of titles and the Australian Adventure is the latest. I will start off by saying that my hat is off to any developer who makes a reasonably designed title that will get young players into a profession that appeals to them but may not always be available to them; case in point, veterinarian.

In PVAA (sorry it's a long title) you start off customizing your vet and prepare them for adventures in the Australian Outback. Selecting what type of clothing is great, but it does not effect performance in the field. Since we are in Australia, you can count on some location specific critters to tend to. Players use their SUV to drive around the wilderness and locate animals like wombats, kangaroos, koala bears and horses. Assessing what the animal's ailment is will allow you to either treat the animal right there or bring it back to the clinic and begin a more lengthier treatment schedule using pharmaceuticals and surgery."

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