Rumor: Home Expanded Beta Release Date

As you probably already know, there will be a Home expanded beta opening it's doors to a group of lucky PS3 owners by the end of the summer. While European PlayStation owners have received confirmation E-mails as well as previous Home beta testers, the rest of us are stuck wondering when we will receive our shot to experience the revolutionary social gaming application. Well, FeedonPS3 may have the answer you looking for.


Many readers are being confused from what they are reading. We are just reporting what we heard. We never said this is the confirmed date, nor did we say its official.

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hazeblaze3715d ago

Anyone know if this site is at all credible?

jwatt3715d ago

If true then I think I was right about Sony wanting the Socom Beta and Home beta to be launched along side each other.

nbsmatambo3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

well the author did a good job of calling them out lol.. I wonder if they could potentially get into trouble with sony for spilling the beans

rickjames3715d ago

yea wat a doosh! she told you the release date and you rat her out??

INehalemEXI3714d ago

Poor Betty , if this turn out to be true.

acedoh3714d ago

I have been in the BETA over a year. Others were invited. I had to to install Home again. Nothings changed except maybe the server. Here's the e-mail...

Dear PLAYSTATION®Home Beta Tester,

We are now moving into the next phase of PLAYSTATION®Home's evolution. As a current tester, we'd like you to continue participating in PLAYSTATION®Home.

Your existing PLAYSTATION®Home Beta will no longer work as of approximately August 14th, 2008. You will need to delete the old version of PLAYSTATION®Home in order to install the new Expanded Closed Beta Client. You can delete PLAYSTATION®Home by selecting it and pressing TRIANGLE and then choosing Delete. Please remember to delete your saved data for it too. You will find it under [Saved Data Utility] in the [Game] section of the XMB™ (XrossMediaBar).

How to download
After you have signed in with your PLAYSTATION®Network Account, select [Account Management] on the XMB interface located under the "PLAYSTATION®Network " tab, then select [Transaction Management] and click on the option [Redeem PLAYSTATION®Network Card or Promotion Code]. Enter the following unique code to start the download of PLAYSTATION®Home Extended Closed Beta Client:

(Sorry I am not giving you this)

Please note: The unique code is case sensitive and must be entered exactly as displayed. Only the PSN Online ID associated with this email address will be able to access the PLAYSTATION®Home Extended Closed Beta. Please review the terms and conditions associated with the PLAYSTATION®Home Extended Closed Beta.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you in PLAYSTATION®Home.

Yours truly,

Sony Computer Entertainment America

waltercross3714d ago

That is kind of harsh by telling everyone
what Betty said, not to mention using her name.

shazam3714d ago

he made up the name so that he wouldn't reveal. betty is just such a common name that is easily made up off the top of ones head.

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Stallone19933715d ago

she probably is... just take it with a grain of salt :P

blackbeld3715d ago

when home arrives, 360 days are over, dead, live = dead. no more have to pay $50 for stupid life service. PS3!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is the winning team..

PS3-rape-XBOT3SHITTY3714d ago

"PS3!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is the winning team.. "


Stallone19933715d ago

Whoa, apparently another guy spilled out something where you can share the beta with 4 friends. That guy either is getting fired or doesnt know jack about Betas.

grashopper3715d ago

I heard GameStop was doing that if you pre ordered Socom. You sure it was home?

N4M3L3553715d ago

A lot of the people answering phones for SCEA are morons.


themyk3715d ago

i can share my socom beta code with 2 people.

Ice2ms3714d ago

N4M3L355 lol rofl at the video he owned a xbox not a playstation and he got in to a big conversation with the caller. Lol and he said resistance was on Xbox 360 and was a 3rd party game lol.

Still Havent gotten an email on any of my accounts.

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