Gametrailers: Infinite Undiscovery Video Preview

Video Preview of Infinite Undiscovery...

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green3715d ago

Looking good and controls seem tight as well.If the story is intriguing, then we might just be on to a winner with this.

Well just less than 3 weeks to find out.

Superfragilistic3715d ago

Looks great but I'm still concerned about the framerate issues. Hopefully that's a preview code issue otherwise I'll be installing it come the fall update. ;)

green3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

Ahh the Fall update.Speaking of installations,i was playing Lost Odyssey last night (trying to finally finish it before my copy of Too Human and Infinite Undiscovery arrive), and all i could think of was install it to my HDD to make the load times faster.

The load times have never been a problem until i heard the improvements in load times by over 30% when you install.All of a sudden i want quicker load times.

For me, installation would be mandatory for every RPG i own.

psycho3603715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

WOw lucky you. You must have free time to play all the rpgs. I get just a few hours on weekdays due to work so i can't delve into time consuming games like these. I just want to relax and kick some butt so play fps like COD4, BF:BC etc for a quick fix for my gaming need. You can imagine that i just played on mission of ME since i bought it last november. Its too slow and time consuming for me but would like to install and see the time being reduced in teh elevators and also less popins etc.

green3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

I do have the time for now.But come September 29th, i will be back at Uni.So my gaming life will be in tatters because of both work and uni.

There would be casualties and it's obviously going to be the games.So will end up pushing some till spring 09.

EDIT: Another thing is that sometimes it can take me ages to finish a game.I got Lost Odyssey in April and i still have not finished it.I am sure that i would finish Too Human quickly but will definitely take my time with Infinite Undiscovery.

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NinjaRyu3715d ago

Remember when LO has those problems, but it was only in th JP version. They took care of that problem before the U.S. version came out! I Think it will be the same case with this game! Even if it's not(God forbid that would happen) I'm sure the game can still rock socks!ME has framerate issues on the 360 version & that game still played great!

Superfragilistic3715d ago

Yeah I agree and I'm an optimist, and IGN have repeatedly marked it as the most promising JRPG outside of the FF franchise.

Was just expressing a concern. Mass Effect was spectacular, but could've been GoTY without the technical issues. Lost Odyssey is the best next gen JRPG I've played and yet was penalised by critics for technical issues. I just hope that IU, which shows a world of promise, fixes the slowdown during combat - which for myself and many others is a huge draw given its real time nature. :)

rosebowl233715d ago

doesnt look that good to me, then again ive been bored with classic JRPGs for a while now. not sure how anyone can still play these games. they havnt changed since the PS1

psycho3603715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

I think this one has realtime combat and frantic action and not like the old classic ones.

TheMART3715d ago

"I am a PS3 fan and I am dissapointed that the PS3 isn't getting the (J)RPG love that the 360 gets, thats why I say I'm bored by them. But I would die to get them on my system, but I look like a weak fan if I say so."

Immortal Kaim3715d ago

Yeah agree with most comments, game looks great. I am also hoping framerate issues are sorted out. Installs will work a treat with RPG's though.

MvmntInGrn3715d ago

I just REALLY dislike Tr-ace games.

The characters tend to look similar across franchises, typical big eyed amine characters that are hard to actually like. Gameplay always feels sloppy (usually just rushed with attacks and 100 things on screen), and the story defines typical JRPG.

Their only game that somewhat this breaks that mold it VP, sadly this is not following.

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