In all nintendo love, have we forgotten thae Wii have issues too

It's not just the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with the occasional system errors, no, it seems that Nintendo's beloved Wii is also prone to problems.

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OutLaw5257d ago

I never had problems with my Wii everything is running smoothly.

gamerriffic5257d ago

ive got a wii.. and i've had a few of those issues... and i know others have too.. but no one seems to complain. but if x360 or ps3 got a problem or two... its reported instantly.

360 fanboys hate ps3... ps3 fanboys hate 360.. but no one really hates Wii... because its not competing. i also hate wii updates. i wait for more than 45 minutes... and then it fails with some error code crap.

DJ5257d ago

that update problem sucks.

ChickeyCantor5257d ago

"i wait for more than 45 minutes"
get a provider with faster internet =P

i dont have any problems with my N-Wii.......weird

Witewunder5255d ago

Yeah, you might have a shaky connection like I did. This effected my laptop as well as my Wii. I fixed the issue now and the Wii has no problem.

Still irritating how I have to wait for a minute or so to connect to the shop channel. I thought I was already connected 24/7.