TeamXbox: The Godfather II Preview

TeamXbox writes: "Crime-themed open world games have come a really long way since the original GTA was released back in 1998: some have taken the kichen sink route like Saints Row, some have taken the deep narrative route like the sublime GTA IV, but others have tried something different. That something different in the case of EA's follow up to the highly successful The Godfather is one of strategic depth to the experience of running an organized crime kingdom. The Godfather II is much more than about whacking dudes and strong-arming punks; it's about being the Don and all the responsibility that comes with that.

"Be the Don" is the mantra repeated over and over by the developers of The Godfather II. By building a deeper strategy and management element into the game, they intend to do just that. Sure, the Don has a lot of privilege – he gets the hottest ladies and the hottest cars – but he also has an empire to run, rackets to control, monopolies to develop. I know it's not a quote from the movies, but the adage still rings true: 'mo' money equals mo' problems.'"

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