Capcom's sales plan for March, 2007

Capcom's sales plan follows.

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Balance5246d ago

hmm, interesting. kinda off topic there are 6 titles for the 360 but only 3 for the ps3. we know lost planet is 360 only (they are going to make a killing with that game it is awsome) but what are the other 2 that are 360 only?

eques judicii5245d ago

devil may cry 4????

i mean.. if all the ps3 games are multi-platform...

AuburnTiger5245d ago

did anybody see the ps2 plans for 2007? 3,200,000

DJ5244d ago

They actually plan to sell 3,150,000 PS3 titles and 2,250,000 Xbox 360 titles.

Columbo5244d ago

How is this disproven? Do you have a link?