GameSpot: The Godfather II Impressions

EA recently held a press event to show off its follow up to 2006's Godfather, an action game that dropped you into the dangerous world of the classic book and film franchise. Following Godfather's initial release in the first half of 2006 for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360, EA followed up with conversions to the new batch of consoles that hit later that same year and into 2007. Although it was fairly well received, the development team decided to tweak the original game's formula in order to have Godfather II offer a more-immersive mob experience.

GameSpot got a run-through of the upcoming sequel that offered an overview of the game and a look at some early gameplay. So far, it seems to be serving up what you'd want out of a game based on the mafia--crime and shooting, with some diplomacy thrown in.

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