EA predicts Madden NFL 07 top game for 2006

Electronic Arts, using internal sales information and outside industry sources, has predicted that Madden NFL 07 will...

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MicroGamer5246d ago

they have no competition now, do they??? If 2K had been able to get a license, Madden would be dead and buried by now.

Balance5246d ago

yeah it is sad to see this because it doesn't inspire them to do anything. all games have bugs but EA never fixes them and the bugs in the madden games are so glaring obvious i refuse to believe that they were caught by testers, EA is on a tight schedule with the madden games they just always choose to release it as is because it will sell without any competition.

drewlusk5245d ago

I will not buy a Madden game again. I never did go back to Madden once I played the 2K series. After that it was hard to play Madden again because 2K was 10 times better. Then came the exclusive contract. I bought the Xbox 360 and Madden 06 just because I wanted a football game to play and I was extremely disappointed to say the least. It looked pretty as long as it wasn't in motion and the gameplay flat out stunk. Well I'll be damed if I didn't fall for the hype again. Everyone was saying before Madden 07 came out that it was going to be the best NFL game ever or that this is the game to win over NFL 2K fans. I am hear to say that Madden will not and never will be better than NFL 2K. EA is content on putting out the same crap every year and sitting back to watch the dollars roll in. They will never get my money again. There needs to be an uprising of 2K fans to flood EA and the NFL with emails of protest until they allow competition. I am calling of a boycott of all EA Games until this issue is resolved. Please join me in protest. As long as you keep giving EA your hard earned dollars then they will keep sticking it to us. Why would the NFL be this stupid to limit gamers to one crappy game. This also will open the door to other professional sports to follow suit. If you know an Anti-Trust Lawyer we need to find someone that will file a suit against the NFL and EA. It is now a monopoly and needs to be corrected for all football fans. It is time to stand up once and for all and stick it to these money hungry bastards.

Let NFL 2K Live Again.
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THWIP5244d ago

1.) EA buys exclusive licensing on every sport they possibly can.

2.) EA whores out their games on every platform they possibly can.

Yeah, I'd say those 2 facts ALONE guarantees Madden will be AT LEAST in the top 2-3 games.......but ONLY in sales. The day EA makes a QUALITY game, worthy of it's sales #s, is the day I'll sprout a tail and wings.