Gears of War, 2, 3 and Judgement Among the Top Nine Backward Compatible Games on Xbox One

During the livestreams for the Season 1 finals of the Gears of War ESL league The Coalition Studio Hear Rod Fergusson revealed that the older chapters of the series available on Xbox One via backward compatibility have been quite popular.

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YinYangGaming2081d ago

The Gears BC games and the Gears 1 ultimate edition are really getting fans hyped up for Gears 4

JMaine5182081d ago

They were free with the Ultimate Edition. Of course they would be popular.

KiwiViper852081d ago

Just cause theyre free doesn't mean anyones forced to play them... I haven't.

supersonicjerry2081d ago

he never stated that anyone was forced to play them. With those games being free it's more than likely people will play it/give it a shot because they got it for free.

HaydenJameSmith2081d ago (Edited 2081d ago )

I think the Gears franchise could go on to become Xbox's flagship title and may encourage 343i to step up there game. Nothing like friendly competition within MS studios to help improve game quality cause I did think Halo 5 a bit of a story problem. Also Gear's popularity is really high right now. Been a really long time since we got a gears game.

WellyUK2080d ago

I doubt it the only good gears is gears 1. 2 and 3 were let downs and failures to most Gears fans. 4 might be good but I cant see them getting it right for some reason.

nowitzki20042080d ago

I dont think 2 and 3 were failures, def not as good as the first. Judgement was a failure imo, It felt like they loved horde so much they made Judgement story mode like one big horde mode. I loved horde mode but I want it separated from the story mode.

Youngindy212080d ago

I mean they act like there are a ton of great titles available for BC right now. I just played through Judgment, but outside of Gears, most of my old Xbox games aren't available on Xbox One yet.