PC Zone UK: Planet Busters Review

PC Zone UK writes: "Match three games seem to have broken through the shit barrier. Puzzle Quest took basic plan-ahead gameplay into the realms of RPGs and Aurora Feint is giving a simpler distraction for free, to anyone with the new iPod software. Planet Busters dispenses completely with the pretension of grimoires and enchanted glades – you'll be using your colour-matching skills to destroy huge ships in space. With a score straight from a John Williams TIE-fighter dogfight, urgent time limits, and several different level styles, it's easy to forget that you're lining up three similarly coloured rockets, in order to launch all adjoining rockets of the same colour."

You'll love:

* Dispenses with pretension
* John Williams-style music
* Surprising variety of levels

You'll hate:

* Crashes regularly
* Save system is unreliable
* Mostly survival oriented

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