IGN: Shred Nebula Multiplayer Hands-on

IGN writes: "Development on Shred Nebula began more than two years ago thanks to James Goddard who also served as a lead designer on a few of the later Street Fighter II iterations. He branched out and formed CrunchTime Games and Shred Nebula will be the company's first release on Xbox 360 on September 3.

The gameplay design behind Shred Nebula is fairly straight forward. There are bad guys, you have to shoot them. It's the little features where the game deviates from the norm. The single-player campaign centers around the player-controlled RIP-Rocket, a state of the art machine outfitted with navigation equipment, a defensive shield and some killer weaponry. Everything on your ship can be upgraded eleven times as you work your way through the adventure mode so the ship you end the game with will hopefully differ from the beginning."

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