Monster Hunter X Mega Man and Square Enix collaborations announced

Capcom announced a Mega Man collaboration for Monster Hunter X during Monster Hunter Festa 2016 in Chiba today.

The collaboration comes in the form of a Mega Man costume for the game’s playable Felyne Palicoes, which has the abilities to use several Special Weapons, including Guts Man’s “Super Arm,” Wood Man’s “Leaf Shield,” Top Man’s “Top Spin,” Dust Man’s “Dust Cleaner,” Gravity Man’s “Gravity Hold,” and Flame Man’s “Flame Blast.”

DarkOcelet3117d ago

First, they make a Megaman headphones and now this collaboration...

Hmmm, what are the chances of a Megaman game announcement at E3?

Megaman in Phanta Rhei Engine would look sick!

gantarat3117d ago

Didn't new megaman animated series coming in 2017 or something ?

DarkOcelet3117d ago

Yeah, there is indeed a series in 2017. Maybe thats the year they will finally bring Megaman again from his long slumber.

We need Megaman Legend 3.

Enigma_20993117d ago


Don't burn yourself holding that candle.


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Perjoss3063d ago

Always great to get some news of a Monster Hunter releasing in the west!

Ilovetheps53063d ago

I am so happy that this game is coming west. This series is one of my top 5 favorites. Such a fun game. After 250 hours in MH4U, I'm ready for a new game.

ShadowKing-3063d ago

3DS only, why am i surprised............

seriously, where is another wii u, PS4, xbox one version already.

PFFT3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

Ahhhh yeah! Finally! Here is hoping there is a Collectors Edition! My Monees and 3ds are READY!

jholden32493063d ago


Hype hype hype hype hype!

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