Nintendo DS piracy products double in price

The R4, nicknamed "Majicon" in Japan, fits into the cartridge slot of Nintendo's popular handheld gaming device and allows games stored on a Micro SD card to be played on the DS. It has a been criticized for encouraging piracy but that, if anything, has only increased gamers' desire for it

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Brawler3740d ago

Why would you want a R4 when you can get a CycloDs which is so much better :)

ChickeyCantor3740d ago

That the hell are you on about, they are pretty much the same thing.

kenshin22up3740d ago

nintendo are such cry babies... pirating has crippled the psp and it's not like sony sued the firmware hackers... i mean firmware hacking is more illegal than selling a flash card imo

ChickeyCantor3740d ago

It's not just Nintendo, It's damaging the third party developers too.

Yi-Long3740d ago

... cause it's a systemseller.

People who werent interested in a DS, are now getting one plus a R4 card. My girlfriend being one of them. Not a gamer at all, but with the R4 she was suddenly interested and bought it and is now enjoying it.

The R4 IS selling the DS at the moment. There's no denying. It's the software developers that should be complaining, but I doubt Nintendo REALLY cares.

irchief3740d ago

couldnt agree more, so many people buy it just for the R4, and in reality, there games still sell millions, and the ds really couldnt cost that much to make, now that they are using cheap LCD screens(crimson/black ds was the start) so they still make money, i think they DO want people to know about it.

dexterwang3740d ago

errrr, piracy is the worst thing that can happen for any company

They make a few bucks off a system and they make most of their money from selling games. Plus if developers make a expensive game, they would want you to buy it. No one buys it, and no more games are made.

Take PSP for example, its selling very well, but the software sells are brutal, thanks to rampant piracy. Now, developing for PSP isn't very profitable anymore and less and less good games are coming out for it. The DS will soon follow the path now that R4 and such are becoming more and more popular.

But cough* I do have the R4 and modified psp, so I'm not complaining, just pointing out the logistics of piracy

user94220773740d ago

piracy has taken over, dam it.