Capcom Plans to Release Six Xbox 360 Games in 2007

In its latest Investor Relations report, Capcom has revealed it plans to publish a total of 77 new titles across all platforms.

The report reveals that throughout 2007, Capcom expects to publish 6 new titles on the Xbox 360 and it expects them to sell 2,250,000 copies.

As soon as we learned about this number, we asked ourselves which games those six titles could be. We only counted three: Lost Planet, Resident Evil 5 and a Dead Rising sequel. What could the other three titles be?

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T-Virus5245d ago (Edited 5245d ago )

Capcom own the Devil May Cry license?

Scrumptious5245d ago

was 22008 title? Most likely DMC4 is 1 of the 6. Capcom does love them some 360. Must be because we actually buy their titles. Can't wait to pick up my copy of lost planet.

ApocalypseShadow5245d ago

so don't be a doesn't matter if you have a nintendo,sony or microsoft system.capcom makes hits.

power of Green 5245d ago

PS has trouble matching game sale's of MS, it's all he meant. 360's a dev's dream to dev for, if you make good games you will sell million of copies ever time, theres no stoping 360 i was just at EB to pre order Lost Planet and 6 360's were sold in the 45 minutes i was bullshiting with my pal. It was all 360 in that shop and few folks concerned over PS2 or Wii.

Sphinx5245d ago

I've liked many of your games.

OutLaw5245d ago

It's good to see a Japanese company like Capcom supporting the Xbox360 the way they do.

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