Sony plans no PS3 price cuts at Leipzig games fair

(Reuters)- Sony Corp (6758.T) does not plan to announce price cuts to its flagship PlayStation 3 games console at Europe's biggest video games fair in Leipzig, Germany next week, a company spokesman said on Friday.

It's not going to happen. If you're coming for that you'll be disappointed," Sony Computer Entertainment spokesman Nick Caplin said.

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dro3742d ago

sony dose not need a price cut now..the ps3 has been outselling the 360 all year and it cost £150 more.. what dose that tell u (-_-)

butterfinger3742d ago

cuts the price of the 360 (as rumored), I expect that Sony will observe how well the 360 does at their new price point and then adjust accordingly. That is if they don't have a price cut already planned:P If Sony cuts the price of the PS3 to $299, I will definitely be picking one up for my parents and little brother for Christmas:)

cmrbe3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

but Sony traditionally and said a couple of times that they follow their own strategies instead of focusing and adjusting what they do in response to comp like what MS does. A good example is the launch of the PS3. MS deliberately rushed their console out so that its out one year ahead of the PS3 and Sony didn't even do anything about it. They took their time and now the PS3 is positioned much better for the long run compare to the x360.

When Sony said they are focusing on profitability this 1/4. This to me meant that they will do whatever its necessary to gain the most profit. Weather this means a price cut to sell more console to sell more software? I can only guess.

thebudgetgamer3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

they are offsetting the loss on each ps3 with the profits they are making off the ps2. besides with the the the big games they have coming out that they can bundle at 4 to 500$ and they will fly of the shelves. i can see them dropping the price once the ps2 stops selling and if they drop it to around 300$ that would probably drive a bunch of the ps2 stragglers into this gen

Sevir043742d ago

if they do a bundle with Socom or a bundle with LBP and then also have a stand alone with a price drop on the stand alone then people will be running crazy, because socom has a big following , and LBP is hyped beyond ony game releasing this year. and ofcourse a $299 stand alone PS3 is too hot to ignore. families will see a LBP game and snatch it, new gamers will see the bundle and snatch it, Socom buffs will see the socom bundle and snatch it, and those PS2 gamers that still wants a ps3 but willing to pay $300 will snatch up the stand alone...

Damn i wish sony Hired me fpr their marketing and buisness planning. can you imagine how much they'd sell with a triple bomb announcement like that.

a socom bundle at 400 with a DS3, amd LittleBigPlant Bundle with a DS3 priced at 400 and a Stand alone PS3 80gig price at 299 would automatically have them selling in volumes like the Wii for the holiday season. Resistance 2, LBP, Socom:confrontation and Motorstorm 2, and the 2 other exclusive they have from namco and sega releasing with all the 3rd party games with pristine marketing would secure them a top spot for the holidays.

oh well just wish ful thinking.

Still i expect a 299 price point this fall to stay competitive
and maybe just maybe a LBP bundle

PirateThom3742d ago

Sony said it's not happening.


cmrbe3742d ago

yeah. I remeber Kaz denied a price cut one day before it happened last year but to be honest though i doubt there will be a price cut until late this year or earl next year with Sony focusing on profitibility and the way the PS3 is selling right now.

red_ring_of_death3742d ago

ps3 doesnt need a price cut yet

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The story is too old to be commented.