Gamedaily.Biz Interview: Atari Righting the Ship writes: "In this exclusive, we talk with Atari North America's CEO Jim Wilson in his first interview since joining the company 5 months ago. With its first profitable quarter in years and an emphasis on building a strong distribution platform, Atari's turnaround appears to be underway.

GameDaily BIZ: Atari has really had a tough time. With credit troubles, a Nasdaq delisting, and continued losses, what's the approach now to get back on track?

Jim Wilson: There certainly was a time when Atari North America was struggling. Over the last year, a number of steps have been made with Atari Inc. and Infogrames to shore up the business, to simplify the way the companies work together, to get the companies to work more closely than they have in the past. Infogrames is a 51% owner of Atari Inc. and in many ways the companies should be and do work very well together. From a cash perspective, a number of things have been done in the last year, whether it's the credit line with Blue Bay investments or with Infogrames right around the time of our merger agreement, that have really helped stabilize the company from a cash flow standpoint. There has also been a focus on streamlining the company from a cost perspective. There were some initiatives in the fall to do that and we most recently focused on some initiatives that were happening in June."

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