Godfather II to offer 15-25 hours gameplay

Speaking to during a first look reveal of the game, Hunter Smith, the game's executive producer at EA's Redwood Stores studio, said that most gamers don't have 80 to 100 hours to dedicate to anything, referencing Rockstar's approach with rival sandbox gangster game Grand Theft Auto IV.

He said: "First time we were down this path we felt like that was an objective of ours, to have 50 to 80 hours of gameplay. We ended up just making s$!t up so we could fill that model. Now I think our range for the player will be somewhere in the 15 to 25 hour experience."

Smith also denied that the reduced single-player game length made Godfather II a worse game, citing the multiplayer and the real-time strategy elements as evidence of replayability.

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ThatCanadianGuy3742d ago

oh i see..

Soo i'll be renting this i guess..