Videogamer: The Godfather II First Look Preview

Videogamer writes: "'When you think about the film there were many times when you heard the phrase: 'It's only business.'" says Hunter Smith, executive producer of Godfather II at EA's Redwood Stores studio. "When Michael wanted to go after the guys who shot his father, Tom kept trying to calm him down, saying: 'It's not personal. Remember it's only business.' Everything behind their decisions to kill someone, to take someone out, was about making your organised crime family more successful. It's only business. That's the mindset we want to put inside the player. We want you to live in that fantasy of being a Don."

And with that our first look at the sequel to 2006's surprisingly decent PS2 original (and everything else in the way of ports) begins. But first, a history lesson. In the first Godfather game, which currently enjoys a solid 75 Metacritic review average, players assumed the role of Aldo, an up and coming member of the Corleone family, whose rise to the position of Don was played out in a GTA-style open world New York. It sold a whopping 4.5 million copies, too, across the many platforms it was released on. In other words, it was a resounding success, both critically and commercially. And, as we all know, when games make money, a sequel usually follows."

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