IGN: TNA-Listers: Jay Lethal

Aside from being fun to watch in the ring, aside from having one of the greatest gimmicks in pro wrestling today, and aside from being a two-time X Division Champion -- Black Machismo is a 23-year-old gamer. Nice.

Luckily, Lethal's character in TNA iMPACT! mimics our Savage clone nicely. The character -- clad in his neon, checkered pattern -- is fast and packs moves such as the suplex and the atomic drop. However, the best parts of Lethal pop up with moves on the run. The dude's got a leaping DDT, a head scissors that turns into a side-Russian leg sweep, and the traditional leaping cross body out of the ring. IGN would've preferred the elbow drop (which is in there if you can get your opponent to stay down long enough) as his finisher instead of the Dragon Suplex he currently has, but that's just splitting hairs.

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