Resistance VS Gears

One of the Hottest Topics at the moment with the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 is which game is better Resistance : Fall of Man or Gears of War. Now Gametrailers has provided a way to see whether Resistance or Gears is the better game in Gametrailers first VS contest were Gametrailers will pitt two types of Games, Characters, Companies or anything against each other using only video footage were you get to decide which is the better by chosing from multiple catgories with an overall vote to decide who is the best.

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gamerriffic5245d ago

i think we should remember that GoW is a 2nd Gen game. and Resistence is a launch title. not saying that makes resistence better, i'm just saying that you shouldn't think less of ps3's capabilities yet.

CAPS LOCK5245d ago

that is what i was just about to say, anyways even though i am a ps3 fanboy i can admit that GOW looks better than resistance, even though resistance has more content. I think resistance is a great achievement and i hope more games like these are made for the ps3. 40 multiplayer online is a great achievment for a luanch title.

by the way has anyone played a 40 player match and experienced lag or something?

Jrocks_4_ever5245d ago (Edited 5245d ago )

The most I have experienced was 32 players at one time and it was smooth as a baby bottom.

Personally I think that Gears Look Great, but it doesn't offer what Resistance offer as a overall game. Besides Resistance is a fps so its not really a good comparison. I played Gears in a gamecrazy store, but not for long and i have played Rfom repeatdly and i have to say that Resistance is a better game to me. The graphics is better on Gears but thats it and not by a huge margin....

Just my honest opinion.

God of Gaming5245d ago

Humm so Resistance offers Silky Smooth ONLINE CO-OP through the entire game? Yea so thats the best option of either of these games and Gears has it.

WhEeLz5245d ago

i have played 40 players online and still found no lag...anyways..i can even tell you GOW looks awesome and i have resistance

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nstott5245d ago

Gamespot had gears as game of the year. Resistance wasn't even nominated. Spin and give all the "honest" opinions you want Resistance doesn't compare.

Fuzz McDeath5245d ago

...people who bring this up as an apology/defense for why PS3 graphics arent 200% better than 360 are rediculous.

If you've ever worked in any kind of software development, you'd know it doesn't matter. The fact is, both Epic and Insomniac have had their development environments for about the same amount of time. Time is the issue, not when a console "launched". In a similar amount of time, both developers gained a similar familiarity with each of their respective consoles and were both able to make great games.

But it you want to pretend that the only reason PS3 games aren't infinately better than 360 games is because games like resistance were made in 6 weeks and insomniac didn't get the dev kits until 2 days before release, go right ahead and delude yourself (by the way, I'm using hyperbole here to illustrate a point).

The fact is, the launch PS3 games have been in development about the same length of time as the 360 games that are releasing 1 year into its life cycle. I would certainly hope that PS3 launch graphics looked about as good as other games that came out November 2007, and not like games that came out in 2006.

r10005245d ago

Your kidding right.... Give me a 1 day..2 days... 3 weeks... a month... a year... 2 years to work on car??? I'm no mechanic, so no amount of time will "help" me know how to repair a car... these developers you speak of know how to develop what they want to develop. But they still need to know what they are developing for... what are the limits of the particular "HARDWARE" they are developing for... this is where the arguments of 1st gen game and 2nd gen games. As developers find out more and more about the hardware and how to manipulate the processers, memory, graphic cards, etc then and only then can the developer get full use out of their developments/games....

darx5245d ago

Sorry r1000 but Fuzz is right.

r10005245d ago

yea of course he is... my point(s) are completely thrown out the window... cuz you say he's right... I wish wars can be fought that way....

testerg355245d ago

Even if they are 1st gen games, shouldn't the PS3 games look better since the PS3 is supposedly much more powerful than the 360?

Grown Folks Talk5245d ago

they have had the hardware for the same amount of time. final dev kits, no, but initial kits about the same time. the final dev kits would only allow them to polish what they had already been working on since early 2005. yes, they do need more time to learn all of the nuances, but 1st gen ps3 games have been in initial development just as long as gears or most recent 360 games. i guess we can never compare future titles because the 360 will always be a generation ahead of the ps3.

WhEeLz5245d ago

Dumb F#cks..."Its alot harder to make games on the ps3" just shut the F#ck up and give it a break....sigh

darx5245d ago

You said it yourself, that you are not a mechanic, so you have no idea how long or even how to build/fix a car. I will also guess you do not know how too develop video games. Just a guess. So you have know idea how long it took them to devlop the game.

I can remember E32005 they were showcasing the game. So I would think that they had developer kits then or not to long after.

So yes your points are really not that valid. Since you have no exp. building either cars/games.

no_more_heroes5245d ago

So that means that what some developers were saying about it not being hard was a lie then?

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Nodoze5245d ago

As a 360 owner, some of those resistance vids were appealing. Some of those environments look really really cool.

Resistance vehicles take gears by a wide margin. The tank and the robot looked really cool.

off topic, what the hell is going on with the ads on this site? The adserver calls are slowing this site WAAAAAY down!!

Kratos125245d ago

I chose resistance because I am a PS3 fan. But trust me it was hard to choose between these 2. Personally I liked the Gears backgrounds and environments because they were creepy and dark. And I think Gears is the reason to get a 360. Great games nevertheless.

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