12 Things About LittleBigPlanet You May Not Know

From PS3 Attitude, Phreaky writes: "Last Sunday was THE "perfect day".

I was up close and personal with LittleBigPlanet and was able to grill one of the demonstrators to near exhaustion. After two hours, I walked away in a fuzzy felt stupor with my head full of level ideas and giant cutesy stickers!

This resulted in the following list..."

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gunnerforlife3717d ago

dis game is gone be sso sweet game of the year:D followed by MGS4:) gne make so many different levels:P RFOM 2 motorstorm 2 LBP and a few others dat i dnt know about yet lol

Serjikal_Strike3717d ago

About a great freaking game! Cant wait to slap my co-ops sack boy!lol

slave2Dcontroller3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

but it neveeeeer hurt nuttin to try and find more info on da 1 dem call Sackbwoi!

The Wood3716d ago

i think he's gunna burs his own record in the final