Tomb Raider Underworld : New screens of Nintendo Wii version publish new screenshots of Tomb Raider Underworld on Nintendo Wii.

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Silogon3743d ago

Welcome to the true POWER of the wii. It doubles as a time machine and as you can see here it has taken us back to the year 1997 when tomb Raider 1st came out.


Intrepid3743d ago

Hahah... I think you drank too much Haterade this morning.

OT: I think it looks OK at best. The textures look decent but COD5 looks much better. Eidos could've done better.

kinggeoff3743d ago

has always and will always been sht.

the fact that this is on ANYONE's radar is a true testament to how pathetic and desperate the industry can get

BrunoM3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

what are you talking about .. the first tombraider WAS CRASY and if you get to play games like uncharted and others on xbox and so on is in part thanks to lara (tomb raider) .... il go with you that some games werent that great .. but even today playing the first one will gave most gamers a hard time and is a GREAT game love it back on the sega saturn ...

i love it back then and i think these one is going to be the bomb they are bring in it back to the old tomb raider ..

but im geting these for the ps3 not wii or 360

beavis4play3743d ago

i know the wii is cheap; and it's got the gimmick controller.....but these screens look underwhelming. i was looking at some screens from the 360/ps3 version today and they are amazing. wii version looks like it came from the ps1.

JohnnyAkiba3743d ago

Its a PS2 version with a new controller...

Snipes203743d ago

what many Wii devs pitch to their publishers.

SUP3R3743d ago

I honestly think the PS2 Tomb Raider games still looked better than this. :(