Japan Is PlayStation 4's Final Weapon To Secure #1 Spot

PlayStation 4 may just receive the decisive boost to secure the first spot among consoles from Japan, thanks to the onslaught of upcoming console exclusives.

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kaiserfranz3084d ago

I remember when Microsoft tried to do something with Japan by hiring Sakaguchi. Not even that was enough...

Xbox will never break into Japan

LexHazard793084d ago

Stupid arguement really. Not even the Japanese consoles sell that well in Japan compared to other parts of the world. So I dont know why you think an outsider console like Xbox would do well there.

SoapShoes3084d ago

Well it's not a powerhouse like the U.S. or all of Europe but at 2.3 million it's as big as the UK and bigger than Germany.

TFJWM3084d ago

The Japanese support "outsider" products I don't know why people keep using it as an excuse for poor Xbox sales. MS just doesn't create alot of games that appeal to the market.

never4get3084d ago

Most of the games mentioned, not even Q1,Q2,Q3 2016. SONY seriously pushing the game back to crush Nintendo NX. Nintendo please release NX in 2016, thanks, so we all can enjoy more games on PS4 in 2016.

DDMNeo3084d ago

Yes, but the Xbox systems (and especially the Xbox One) have sold horribly. Worse than any of it's real competition. Hopefully that Xbox logo on your profile won't blind you from that fact.

Eonjay3084d ago

Xbox One is outsold more than 100 to 1 almost every week in Japan. If consoles are selling bad, the Xbox One is beyond comprehension.

TheCommentator3084d ago

The fact that Japanese publishers refuse to support the Xbox brand with all of their franchises has a lot to do with it. They could have kept a multiplatform relationship with MS like in the 360 generation but choose(or are paid) not to. It's sad to think that these publishers only supported MS in the 360 generation because MS was out a year ahead of Sony and showed strong sales. It's all about the $$$.

kenwonobi3084d ago

That's not a serious argument to make. Xbox hasn't even been respectable there. PS4 is having good sales numbers. A few million isa far cry from a few thousand.

darthv723084d ago

BakPAin, you make a good point that people are disagreeing with. Consoles in general are just not selling in JP like they did in previous generations. That has nothing to do with the quality of the software or its appeal, it just shows they have taken a stronger interest in mobility ond portable entertainment.

The systems and games are more than sufficient to provide them with the entertainment value but when their attention is on something else... it can be pretty hard to sway them back. No doubt certain games will sell well but overall, JP is not the powerhouse market it once was. NA is still the single largest market on the planet with EU making up the largest combined market.

Despite low sales in JP, we still get great games from them and that isnt likely to change. I feel to much hype is put on their market much like the JRPG. don't get me wrong as i love the classics like Dragon Quest and Phantasy Star but when there are so many JRPG released and they do better outside of JP that says something.

To those disagreeing, just put aside the loyalties for a moment and look at it from a global perspective. Console gaming is much bigger outside of JP and it doesnt look like there will be anything to bring it back to the glory days.

Nintendo, MS and Sony know this and are really focusing more on other territories. there is nothing wrong with that, especially if I am in one of those territories that will be getting more support. Let them cater to those who are interested instead of trying to revive a region that has been having a declining interest for the past few years.

I honestly don't know if (looking to JP) that is a sign of things to come. Meaning change happens in one area and then slowly spreads or if they really are waning interest in traditional gaming for something more convenient. Is JP a trend setter or just doing their own thing while the rest of the world sticks to what works?

dudeOplenty3084d ago

@TFJWM Japan being a xenophobic country is a Westernized stereotype that makes as much sense as filling an empty skull with sand to decide which race is superior.

jebabcock3084d ago

hmm... i'd be interested in seeing a comparison of console sales between PS4 NA + JP and X1 NA + EU.

That might give you some idea of why JP is considered relevant for both Consoles, and why both are working to get sales there still.

Knushwood Butt3084d ago


Raiden V is an Xone exclusive from JP developer Moss.

It's not the only one.

XanderZane3084d ago

Yeah, fast food restaurants and Apple products. That's about it. Most Japanese consumer don't buy American products.

ShinMaster3084d ago


Consoles don't sell as much in Japan as they do in other bigger countries, sure. But PS4 and even Wii U are outselling the Xbox.

Also, other outsider brands and products succeed more than some local ones in Japan.

Xbox just doesn't do it for them.

Zoombael3084d ago

Actually the PS4 is doing as good as the PS3 8 years ago. And this year it will surpass the PS3 for sure.

agame9143084d ago

your profile picture says it all.....

andibandit3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

Thought this article was about ps4 , was the headline renamed/edited?

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itBourne3084d ago

I want almost every game on that list, lol hope a few get pushed to next year cuz throw in the western games and not nearly enough time for all of them.

Bahamut3084d ago


I miss Sakaguchi. I wish PS4 would bring him in on something. Sadly he's been doing mostly iOS and Android stuff. Terra Battle. I mean, it's OKAY... Great music, great art, but the "battles" get old quick in my opinion. You slide tiles around with the faces of your party, and position them to attack tiles that have enemies' faces on them. There's a lot of RPG aspects, so again, it's OKAY... but I'd really like to see a big budget RPG from him on a new-gen console.

Doubt it'll ever happen, sadly.

fr0sty3084d ago

Most Japanese PCs run American made operating systems. Japanese people love apple products. Using country loyalty as an excuse for poor console sales doesn't hold up.

XanderZane3084d ago

XBox 360 was the best selling American produced game console in Japan. Sold just over 1.6 million. American game consoles have never sold well in Japan. Atari 2600, Colecovision, Jaguar, 3DO all did worse then the XBox 360.

showtimefolks3084d ago

if MS wants to compete in japan than they have to offer games that appeal to japanese gamers. i don't like this notion that japanese people don't buy american products when they couldn't be further from the truth

offer appealing games and gamers will support xbox one

PS4 just has the world wide appeal. i don't even think sony at the moment is worried about japan, the amount of titles they showed at last year's tgs were astonishing

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DarkOcelet3084d ago

With all the JRPG games that are coming this year. It will be the top current gen console in Japan all right.

FFXV alone will move over a million console there. And Persona 5 will definitely move big numbers too. This is an excellent year for the PS4.

Alexious3084d ago

I'd say it's the first truly big year in terms of releases. 2015 was decent, but with 2016 it's finally going at full speed.

N4g_null3084d ago

If nintendo GO has any thing to do with if it may not matter.

Muzikguy3084d ago

There are just so many games coming out it's insane! Finally, after an entire generation of slumber, JRPGs are back!

Neonridr3084d ago

No doubt the PS4 will sell like hotcakes once these games come out. I mean it's less than a million behind the Wii U in terms of overall sales and it came out a year later.

Wii U will still sell well over the next year with some of the games releasing, but clearly at this point the console market in Japan will shift to Sony at some point later this year.

Nintendo need not worry since the 3DS is still moving mountains.

Plus we may also see the NX later this year (who knows)

Chris_Wray3084d ago

I think it's a difficult sort of thing. What has been in decline are traditional Japanese games, not games developed by Japanese companies (of sorts anyway). For example, the traditional JRPG's have all become more westernised with the active time battle systems instead of turn based. A lot of genres have moved to "realism" instead of fun.

But in any way, this lineup is looking brill. I chose the right console!