Xbox One Vs. PS4 – Comparing Exclusives That Have Sold Over 1 Million Copies So Far

SegmentNext - It’s been just over two years since the launch of the PS4, and a little under three since the launch of the Xbox One.

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DarkOcelet3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

"The game has managed 1.87 million sales as of now, and is still going strong due to its impressive The Old Hunter DLC that has added so much more depth and new weapons/items."

I don't know where you got your numbers (Most likely Vgchartz) but Bloodborne is over 2 million now.


And Halo 5:
"Despite this, it has managed an impressive 3.14 million sales globally so far. That’s a good number consider how it was surrounded by some hot titles."

Nathan Drake Collection:
"The result? 3.1 million sales of a collection of one of the best game franchises in the last decade."

Halo 5 and Nathan Drake Collection selling almost the same numbers surprising when one is a sequel to the biggest Xbox exclusive and the other is a Remaster.

I can definitely see Uncharted 4 breaking the 3 million sold copies in less than 3 days.

Gaming_Cousin3111d ago

Nothing like using VGChartz as your source

YinYangGaming3111d ago

VGChartz undertracked ROTR sales by like 700,000 don't trust them one bit. Bloodborne also is already confirmed to have hit 2mil lol VGChartz needs to be banned

TFJWM3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

@YinYangGaming You do know that ROTR is on the xbox1 and 360...You would have add up those numbers to get to over 1m on VGChartz

They have ROTR combined sales just over 1m, I'm not sure how that is even close to being 700,000 under tracked..

uptownsoul3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

I think the most interesting fact is that of 9 PS4's 1 Million+ sellers, 4 of them are New IPs (Bloodborne, Knack, The Order & Until Dawn)...While of the 8 XB1's 1 Million+ sellers, only 1 of them is a New IP (Ryse)

Footnote: Personal opinion of how good (or bad) you think these games are, does not diminish the impressiveness that is 4 New IPs being amongst the 9 PS4 1Million+ sellers

uptownsoul3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

CORRECTION: Xbox One has 10 1 Million+ exclusives (Dead Rising 3, Forza 5, Forza Horizon 2, Forza 6, Gears Ultimate, Master Chief Collection, Halo 5, Ryse, Titanfall & Rise of the Tomb Raider)

PS4 also has 10 1 Million+ exclusives (Bloodborne, InfamousSS, Killzone:SF, Knack, LBP3, TLOU:R, The Order, Nathan Drake Collection, Until Dawn & Driveclub)

It is still impressive that HALF of PS4's 1 Million+ sellers are New IP (Bloodborne, Knack, The Order, Until Dawn & DriveClub)...While only 2 of XB1's 1 Million+ sellers are New IP (Titanfall & Ryse)

Footnote: Personal opinion of how good (or bad) you think these games are, does not diminish the impressiveness that is 5 New IPs being amongst the 10 PS4 1Million+ sellers

Mehmeh3111d ago

@ uptown

Agreed. While I've myself have enjoyed many of the Xbox Ones exclusives theres several of the PS4s id like to try as well!

I hope Sony keeps it up in 2016, and that Ms introduce some new ones for me to play also:)

solideagle3111d ago

i just laughed at "Arguably the best racing simulator out there at the moment (though some folks would argue Gran Turismo is just as good)"

There was no need for the stated comment lol

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AndrewLB3111d ago


Don't forget that even though the PS3 sold more hardware, the 360 annihilated it in actual game sales. Xbox 360 sold roughly 40,000,000 more games than PS3.

I think a lot of that is due to people like my parents buying a PS3 because it was a killer blu-ray player, back when stand alone blu-ray players for home theater cost as much if not more than the console. I'd also attribute the out-of-warranty high failure rate towards the end of last gen of PS3 hardware, and find it quite odd how very few media ever reported on it. Every single one of my friends who owned a PS3 FAT had theirs crap out, and ended up buying a slim to replace it. I fixed my PS3 FAT 3 times by reflowing the solder. 4th attempt was the end of it.

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jebabcock3111d ago

Come on now.. VGChartz doesn't track digital sales. It only tracks physical sales, so for games especially, it will ALWAYS undertrack. despite that, its no different than using Amazon numbers or any other subset of sales as an indicator of success. You won't ever get exact numbers but you can get a rough idea. That is what it is intended to do. It should always be taken with a grain of salt, but does give some insight that we would otherwise never have (for those that care.)

IceKoldKilla3110d ago

@solideagle Hahaha true! GT > Driveclub any day of the week!

agame9143110d ago

@andrew are you seriously complaing about the PS3 ylod when the 360 failure rate was like 65 to 70%? What a joke

badz1493110d ago

Wow...some of you guys here are just dense to no end! WTF does install base got to do with anything discussed in the article? It's ahout game sales and only the sale numbers matter. 1mil sold to a base of 15mil is the same as 1mil to the base of 30mil no matter how you wanna spin it. It's still 1mil for god sake. No dev or publisher out there is stupid enough out there to even see in the way you fanboys see it!

Yet, some of you guys here still praising RoTR for finally selling a million with a userbase of 100mil! What's up with that? The ND collection is released around 2 months earlier than TRoR and it has triple the sales. You guys aren't thinking SE is watching and thinking what the numbers could have been if they had released RoTR on all platforms? See...that actually matters, not your "1mil sold on the lesser userbase" BS!

awi59513110d ago


Even hardcore pc racers agree the physics engine in forza is better if you have a good wheel that disables the assists in the game. For some reason forza are a pain to let you turn them all off.

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YinYangGaming3111d ago

Halo 5 at 3.14 mil is a conservative figure IMO I'd say it's in the range of 4mil-6mil with digital included. Amazon's best selling exclusive game of 2015 on any system, definitely sold better than VGChartz guesstimate

Ricegum3111d ago

Lol. There's no way Halo 5 is in the 4-6 million range. I'd say even 3.14 is a generous number.

DevilishSix3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

I'm sorry but for a halo proper game, halo 5 sucks. The story is a**, masterchief is barly in it, and the floaty controls make the gunplay feel abit meh. It would be fine as a spin off, but as a canon halo game its its way underwhelming.

agame9143110d ago

Just stop because you just don't know

nitus103110d ago

Do you have the source for that claim of 4~6 million for digital downloads?

I am well aware that getting an exact figure for digital downloads is straight forward if Microsoft will publish the figures however from what I can gather they haven't. Getting exact figures is a simple database search that would take seconds.

Still I can't see digital downloads for the PS3, PS4, Xbox360 or XB1 being more than equal or greater than media sales. Could be wrong but I doubt it.

Statistics can be fairly complex branch of mathematics and is fully dependent on the sample in that the smaller the sample the more complex the statistics and the greater the margin of error.

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user99502793111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

"Halo 5 and Nathan Drake Collection selling almost the same numbers surprising when one is a sequel to the biggest Xbox exclusive and the other is a Remaster. "

Hardly seems like a good case to ignore the install base difference. Doesnt really seem surprising to me. Uncharted is Playstation's biggest franchise at the moment.

Not to mention the sparse late-2015 lineup... =D

Darkborn3111d ago

@martinstrings "Not to mention the sparse late-2015 lineup... =D"

This is only because Sony cares about the entire year, not the last 3 months. Microsoft should try it sometime. Maybe then they'll get sales year round, instead of in a few months. /S

n4rc3111d ago

Did someone explain to you how the holidays are part of the whole year?

One of the lamest excuses Ive ever seen..

BlackTar1873111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )


lol you call out darkborn yet don't call out Martin?

Why is that? I wonder

user99502793111d ago

Call me out for what, exactly? Are we all expected to ignore the "sparse" 2015 lineup and install base difference and simple sing Sony empty praises?

Seems Playstation fans are all too eager to throw that difference in our faces at every given opportunity besides this one. Dont have to wonder why.


BlackTar1873111d ago

How many 1st part exclusives did PS4 release compared to xbox one?

user99502793111d ago

Are you calling Kaz a liar, Tar? How uncharacteristic of you =] cant help but agree though.... heh