Sega's Secret Archive Unveiled!

Candid Anthony of The Bitbag writes, "Sega's secret game archive has been unveiled! We've found pictures of every game and periphal Sega has made since the beginning."

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big shadow3743d ago

I never noticed how much stuff sega released. DAMN

thxkbye3743d ago

Sega was a huge company, so much history. They did it the right way for a long time. I have mad respect for them, I wish they would find their place and release some of there IP's into the Next Gen.

Phantasy Star online anyone for PS3 and 360? I can only hope and pray!

UnSelf3743d ago

Now if they can just release a good game

ThatArtGuy3743d ago

They have as many (or more) characters than Nintendo. They could make a really cool Smash Bros. style game. I know they put a lot of it in their Sonic tennis game.