Age of Conan: 415K Customers

Edge writes: The Netherlands-based Funcom says its recently released MMO Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures currently boasts over 415,000 customers.

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Mao3717d ago

Only 8 Million more to go before you catch up to legally registered Warcraft players! Good luck!

TheWickedOne3717d ago

so true. They are getting there.

Silogon3717d ago

Ummmm, Warhawk has over 700,000 players. What's this say? People say Warhawk was a flop yet it has the most activity "console side" of Halo 3. go figure.

M337ING3717d ago

Didn't this game launch with sales of 700,000?

I know drop-offs were expected, but Funcom better get that huge update out if they ever want to compete with WOW...

Perjoss3717d ago

don't mean to be rude, but i think you're living in a dream world, Warhammer Online looks much better than AoC and we all know that not even that will touch WoW. I hope Mythic and Funcom didn't invest too much cash into their games because I dont dont think they will make it back, sadly.

The Lazy One3717d ago

You don't need that many subscribers to make your money back.

They're still doing phenomenal compared to almost every MMO except WoW.

The biggest test is how many people stay subscribed after 2 months. They just need enough time to remove memory leaks/major bugs and do light balancing. Those are the two biggest things that hurt an mmo launch. I quit after my first month of WoW because of it and didn't go back for almost a year.

mirroredderorrim3717d ago

How can they? Wrath of the Lich King is looming and it's expected to once again crush MMOs everywhere.


Garrison3717d ago

I got into the game cuz of my friend and I don't consider it to be the end all be all of MMO Gaming. Wow is just a really noob friendly MMO with pretty good endgame content.
I consider EQ2 to be the best MMO right now but I know most people will not believe that anyways. They figure that because a game sells better that means it has to be better, but at the same time they don't apply that logic when it comes to the wii selling better than everything else out there.

The Lazy One3717d ago

It's just addicting, and like you said "noob friendly".

The most fun I've had in that game is jumping off tall things, which is a damn shame.

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The story is too old to be commented.