Epic's new game – President tells all

Just yesterday it was announced that Epic Games would be joining EA as one of two new partners along with Grasshopper Manufacture (of Suda 51 fame).

Kotaku's AJ Glasser got some face time with Michael Capps, President of Epic Games, to see how the little independent studio that could feels about going with a Big Scary Publisher – especially one like EA that's got a reputation for ruthlessness with smaller development houses.

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RainOfTerror3812d ago

tells all? you meant to say "doesn't say anything!" right?

ZmokeR3812d ago

bush or what a hell is going on?

If i should make a game that is ANYTHING about a pressident it should be:

The Clown that became a pressident and dont say a shi**!!, and when he does its BS anyway.

Fishy Fingers3812d ago

"Except there’s not much to tell. Yet."

Is the first line of the article. The contributor would of saved my wasted excitement had that been added.

DA_SHREDDER3812d ago

We are to announce that Gears of War 3 will be multiplatform.

ElementX3812d ago

So um.... does this mean that EA is more evil than MS? People keep saying MS is bad, but EA is trying to monopolize the gaming industry by buying up companies left and right.

silverchode3812d ago

isnt ms trying to do the same thing?

ElementX3812d ago

No, MS hasn't purchased a developer in ages.

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The story is too old to be commented.