What to expect from Next-Generation Consoles

Playstation 4, Xbox720, and Wii 2. These are all names that many believe are not appropriate to talk about as the current generations of consoles have just arrived. This is certainly true and all current generation consoles have a long future ahead of them, but companies like Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft always look ahead, and you can be certain that research is already underway on constructing the next-generation of consoles. After analyzing the current generation these companies are realizing that their next-generation consoles will need more than simply a better CPU, and GPU. While graphics and animation look nice Nintendo has stabbed the industry with a new direction that is working beyond belief. For a console with minimum performance compared to Sony's PS3, and Microsoft's 360 this little console has proven to be completely worthy of competing as a current generation console. We can almost be certain that thanks to Nintendo all three companies will be ensuring that their next console will not only perform like a super computer, but bring new innovation to the industry. While we are no psychic to guess what the consoles will comprise of, we here at GX have created a worthy list of features that would definitely mark the next series of consoles as next generation.

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Mao3742d ago

There's still room for advancement in 360 development and we haven't even come close to seeing what the PS3 is actually capable of (though Killzone 2 is out in February). The only console that needs to move forward and get with the times is the Wii, but as long as that thing sells on status-rep and shovelware, it never will.

I doubt this gen is ending any time soon. I think the state of the US economy for the XBOX and PS3 basically says it all. It's too soon and environment isn't right. This gen could and SHOULD last well beyond 2011.

Sitdown3742d ago

But above that....why do people keep approving these articles?

InMyOpinion3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

I expect more shady CGI trailers, PR bullsh#t and empty promises that aren't kept.

And also, I expect a RROD-free console from Microsoft.

zo6_lover273742d ago

Yes, it will be RROD free, intstead...
A New light of death!! NLOD HAHAHAHA

vdesai3741d ago

no no no I think he meant Free RRODs

InMyOpinion3742d ago

I expect 200 fps, all games in 1080p and 4D. Oh wait...

jack who3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

teh cell can do that!!....oh wait

LoVeRSaMa3742d ago

@Jenzo Nice comment =]

And also, PS4 would not be white or have them silly boomerang controllers =D

I am feeling Glass for the PS4 =o

silverchode3742d ago

and ms will have reliable hardware.

Breakfast3742d ago

Xbox 720 - Atomic Bomb

PS4 - The second coming of Jesus

Wii2 - Xbox

UnSelf3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

LMAOOO that was hilarious.

but that pic pf PS4 does look kinda hot.

is it me or has "next gen" still hasnt come yet? I only mean as far as graphics go. K2 looks about the closest thing. When i first imagine next gen FPS gra[phics for example, i imagined not just another 2 hands holding a rifle in front of them becuz if u think about it....if u actually hold a gun, or no gun even, ur hands are not floating rite in front of u at all times. My faith is in K2's deliverance to truly bring next gen fps graphics to fruition.

militant073742d ago

next generation red ring of death :)
JK im 360 fanboy

360 FTW

but lol @ rrod , do you guys think its funny too ?

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The story is too old to be commented.