CVG Reviews Motorstorm (Japan)

When you win a race in Motorstorm, you know you've exercised some pretty admirable restraint. At first, you'll think, "Ooh! Look! Mad crashes, pretty explosions, open desert! I'm going to drive like a twat!" After a while, though, you'll realise that joyriding gets you nowhere. It's all about not crashing - it's the anti-Burnout.

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DixieNormS4318d ago

How many times do we have to hear can't wait till the final version arrives. The PS3's online sucks so bad that MP is probably not going to be as good as expected.

JIN KAZAMA4317d ago

STFU and go play with your atari360.

power of Green 4317d ago (Edited 4317d ago )

STFU and go play your souped up PS2, this games's pretty cool but folks will forget it ounce the Next-gen offroad games come , that is if PS3 can handle such a well balanced next-gen might, it's version will be dumbed down to PS2-ish graphic's like MotoStorm .

Juevani4317d ago (Edited 4317d ago )

^^ hey you, elien ^^ this off road game will look better on PS3 fo sho we all know that, but motor storm its hard to top that graphic and gameplay (especially for a game comin on 360 too, if it was a ps3 exclusive title then fo sho, if there is nothing you cant do on the ps3 than you probably should'nt be doin it).. now go back to star warz lego and viva piniata.

ASTAROTH4317d ago

Man I congratulates you. You really have guts to compare Grand Rail Road, a visible Wii graphical game, to MOTORSTORM. WOW!! You are nearly at the top of the list of 360 fanatics in this site. MART on top, TOP GAYMER on second and you on third working hard to be at the no. 1 spot. LOL!! FANATICS IF YOU DONT LIKE IT know!!

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DJ4317d ago

And it doesn't even have multiplayer or online in this version. That's pretty damn impressive.

Marriot VP4317d ago

it was going to be for you no matter what

Marriot VP4316d ago

I meant that this game was gonna be impressive for you no matter what.

Just messing with yah, too much egg nog

God of Gaming4315d ago

And once they add in crappy online modes it will be getting 8.2 and 9.2. Congrats.. a game you will play for maybe 2 weeks, well worth the 600 bucks.

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power of Green 4317d ago

Nothings wrong with 8, tons of title's get score's in the 8's. When they add Online depending if it's any good it could raise the score by a smidge or more!.

SPAWN4317d ago

Sony can`t even hold up with the little ps3`s they have trying to download the GT download!

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The story is too old to be commented.