Snake, a Hero? More Like a Monster

We, the gamers, have been tricked, scammed, and duped by the genius named Hideo Kojima. He has managed to get us to care about one of the most despicable monsters to ever infest our video game consoles. Who is this 'hero' that we have come to love who is nothing more than an assassin, a murder, and a psychopath? Solid Snake. Why would we, the gaming public, not only play as this monster and enjoy it? Right now you're probably asking, "What kind of insane rant is this?" I can assure you, I can prove everything I say, and I can use Snake's own words to prove it.

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cr33ping_death3742d ago

anyone who has played the games already knows all of this.

Mr_Kuwabara3742d ago

The story of Solid Snake is way more than just a person that kills people. If you played the entire series (or understand it since playing the entire series doesn't mean that you understood it), you would actually agree with a lot of facts that the author of the article said.

chaosatom3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

"Snake gave Raiden his clothes back and the sword was because he needed help infiltrating the deeper parts of Arsenal Gear's core" maybe it's more than that. It's really hard to peg down a reason.

but it's fantastic that it can be read the other way.

hideo is a genuis.

facepalm3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

Snake himself even stated that he is no hero, but rather a beast because that's what war does to people...

He acknowledges his faults, which in my opinion makes him more than just a monster.

The MGS series does not have heroes nor villains... Just people who are doing things because they believe that what they're doing is right.

vickers5003742d ago

This article is stupid. Apparently they cant comprehend past literal translations.

""From Metal Gear Solid: "Other people just complicate my life. I don't like to get involved." We know that Snake and Meryl had a personal history, but for whatever reason, Snake broke it off.""

Uhh that doesn't mean he is evil or uncaring. IMO him saying that means that he doesn't want too get emotionally involved, so he avoids relationships.

""He also doesn't value life. Remember what Naomi asked: "Oh really? Since when did anybody's death bother you so much?" Campbell: "Naomi! It's true that Snake has killed a lot of people, that doesn't mean he doesn't have a heart." Snake: "It's okay, Colonel... she's right."""

One could argue that he is just beating himself up over all the bad things he has done (feeling guilt) and just feels so sorry for himself so much that he will call himself anything (i.e. "just an old killer").

And I don't want to quote again, but the bit about Otacon not actually being his friend is bullsh*t. This article is sh*t, and I don't see how some of you are saying crap like "we already know this" and "I agree".

Bubble Buddy3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

Snake never was a hero, never will be.

jadenkorri3742d ago

Snake a hero or a monster, so its a ethical dilemma here, and this retarded analogy and article is absolutely ridiculous....Because Snake kills people hes a monster instead of an hero...When someone kills to save lives, does the end justify the means.... if killing 50 people to save millions does not justify him as a hero, what does then...

bpac1234567893741d ago

When i first started reading this article i was like wtf. But this guy does make alot of good points everything he says is true. And yah snakes a coldblooded killer with the emotions of a brick but he still is one of my favorite video game characters, and is part of (imo) the greatest video game series ever.

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Mr_Kuwabara3742d ago

Well I agree by the fact that compared to Big Boss, Snake is really cold and ruthless since he really doesn't care that much about his enemies as much as Big Boss did. Even Kojima himself said that Naked Snake is more human than Solid Snake. The Johnny scene in MGS3 is a great example of Naked Snake showing compassion towards his enemies.

Even Raiden said that he and Otacon are nothing but terrorists since the main goal of Philanthropy is to just destroy Metal Gears. But this article wants to put Snake as an evil person. What Gray Fox told Snake really did change him. Snake no longer works for FOXHOUND anymore and he created Philanthropy for the sole purpose of fighting against Metal Gears and fighting for what he believes. Snake just doesn't know how to express his emotions properly. (Probably because of the countless battles and killing people can change you). But then again, Snake was just made for that, killing and being a pawn. He has always been a pawn even when he thinks that he isn't one. It's just what he was made for. Killing and obeying.

VampHuntD3742d ago

But the article is still stupid. He has to do bad things to save people sure, but so do soldiers in any army. Snake could play teh hero card if he choose to, people consider him to be one, he himself knows that he is nothing more than a hired killer. And if he wasn't someone else would be.

hay3742d ago

This just proves how brilliant the story is. Snake isn't saint, bah just the opposite, but gamers love him.
Majority of people who played MGS know this already and it's awesome that Snake is as he is. We have too much generic heroes who only kill, talk trash and save the world in the end.

clintos593742d ago

I can name a couple of those characters which are in big selling titles and have crappy story's aswell but I wont do it just because I know how fans feel about the games they love. Anyways solid snake will live on to be one of the gaming industry's most baddest good guys to step into the gaming industry.

People may call him a monster or devil but that is the point, snake aint looking for your pity to like him for who he really is, a cold blooded killing machine. But at the same time he is loved by so many fans because of his courage to do battle against super villains even if the odds are against him.

And to the guy who wrote this article. I wanted to prove to u just why your statement is proof why Kojima is such a genius when it comes to story telling, and that reason is for the reason u brought up about solid snake being a monster. If u have played the series, u will understand that yes he was a cold blooded killer but was he doing it for the wrong reasons or the right reasons? I guess ill just let u have to find that out for yourself but Kojima did such a fantastic job, no matter what snakes reasons were and even if he is this monster some people would like to call him, we still fell in love with his character. Reason u ask why? Like I said, ill let u find that out by playing the series yourself and then understanding just how amazing Kojima's story telling is and why us hardcore MGS fans fell in love with the series. :)

Sangria3742d ago

The problem is that every Metal Gear Solid can be finished without killing everyone (everyone else than the bosses), like Hitman series does. The game let you the choice to not kill your ennemies, and few games gives you that choice.

If you want a hero with deep disturbed mind, seek for Silent Hill series.

Cerberus_Hunter3742d ago

You can beat any MGS games without "killing people".

thebudgetgamer3742d ago

kratos killed massacred his own family
snake is no angel but he always ends up doing the right thing

cmrbe3742d ago

on Kartos he was tricked but yeah. He is still my fave monster hehe.

JUSTICEFORALL3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

snake is my hero, monster or not he is my hero, what about Master Cheif? is he a monster killing monsters? again my other hero