Letter to Miyamoto - Fix Friend Codes

In an open letter to Mr. Miyamoto, Gametactics editor Malcolm Owen takes on friends codes and why it must be fixed for a better online gaming experience for all Wii gamers.

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jorgeanaya0003743d ago

As much as traditional(a better term than hardcore IMO) Wii players would like, we can't really expect it seeing as Wi-Fi is free, while Xbox Live members must pay. I would defenitely pay a price for a better online experience though.

ChickeyCantor3743d ago

It got nothing to do with a price tag.
It's Nintendo just being scared that their own kids( yes every freaking developer member there has kids, so does Iwata) might be talking to a pedo., Or that their kids might hear the word "F*ck"...

It's that simple.
While they have a nice parental lock system...they never thought of using it for their online system and thats just...BLEH.

Yuprules3743d ago

I agree jorgeanaya000, if Nintendo took the model of Microsoft and made it a "standard" where there is one central location for all "online items"...the Wii online gaming would be much better. Maybe in the next Wii console, they will make it really cheap per year, but make it "standard" like the 360 is.

ChickeyCantor3743d ago

Seriously not Miyamoto, Reach Iwata.