TGR Preview: Sing It - "Bad for Street Cred"

TGR - "Every so often, gaming goes through cycles where certain genres become all the rage. First-person shooters, RPGs, and survival-horror have all had their turn in the sun (the diseased, infected sun in the case of horror), and now it seems like the tide is shifting to rhythm-based party games. Rock Band and Guitar Hero have really led the way to making this genre a mainstay in living rooms and disc trays around the world, and other franchises like Dance Dance Revolution and Sony's Singstar series have been riding the wave as well. Even Microsoft is getting into the spirit, announcing Lips at E3 (and treating us all to an impromptu and not particularly thrilling performance by Duffy). Now, Disney is planning on getting into the act with Sing It, bringing all your favorite tween sensations out of the television and into your vocally-challenged life."

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cain1413717d ago

I tried it... should do well for the tween market... Not sure about anything else...