Play: PixelJunk Eden Review

Play writes, "After the sheer majesty of PixelJunk Monsters, which we still get out every now and again, we were expecting great, great things of Eden. Quality of biblical proportions and that bare-bones simplicity that makes Q-Games' titles so wonderfully playable. We were disappointed."

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nycredude3743d ago

Shouldn't game reviewers be good at games before they review them. Reading this article it seems like the reviewer sucked at the game, therefore didn't have any fun, and ultimately gave it a low score because of it. How pathetic! I mean I agree that it sucks when you fall a long distance but there is a simple fix for that... Don't fall!!

When I first played this game I had the same complaints but after I put a little effort into it and as I got better at the game it just became a lot more fun! The key is to get into a nice flow and rythm, which brings me to another bs complaint the author had with the game. He said that the game didn't have any rythm, I call BS!!

Just for the quality of presentation and art direction, the game should be at least a 7.5 to 8.0. Add to that the addictive nature of the game and it is easily an 8.5.

bunbun7773743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

From the article:
"Maybe we just don’t get it, because it’s clearly a quality title more than ready for release."
So because it couldn't fit somewhere within the 3 "stools" (seriously?) and because whoever was playing acted like my friend Jordan when I was in 3rd grade and threw the controller screaming, I quote, "The game is CHEATING!" (Jordan not the reviewer) this game gets a 6.7? ARGH!

"It has no real flow. This is a key issue for us. Were you able to complete levels with skill and expertise like those really great platformers, we’d be more enamored of it." So where was the skill and expertise? Oh I'm sorry- the game couldn't deliver as a platformer, so all your skillz at playing Mario 3 and Kid Icarus have been wasted! No flow? My contra skillz are of now use in this strange land! Then why is it someone like me- who is 29 and grew up on Atari and Nintendo, can say this game takes me back to the wonder and fun in those games- but these D-bags are going to say it isn't like that- It's too hard, It's too frustrating..... Try pulling off those jumps in Super Mario with no physics, other than the artificial physics you had to adapt to.....imagine that! A game comes out that is based on a lot of elements that actually factor in your ability to go anywhere in the game- wow!
Sorry this is a rant but it pisses me off because I feel that either these people do not deserve these positions as reviewers with such horrible, shallow standards- or in fact they are just pissed with Sony....I don't know.

I'm going to go and "mong out with few beers (or something stronger) and mess around with pretty images"